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It's not a great photo - I apologise. It was taken by my eldest daughter who I suspect was laughing hard at the time. It shows her 5-year-old brother ( known here as Grumpy) who has been - shall we say "decorated" by one of his older brothers.

DD#1 sent me the picture while I was still in Cyprus. DS#2 has a great relationship with Grumpy and spends hours and pounds making him a happy chappy. Grumpy loves nothing better than a sleepover with his "bro" as he calls him and they play computer games, watch Adventure Time and eat and drink wholly unsuitable and unhealthy food. All good fun.

So it made me laugh when I saw this picture of Grumpy with his green highlighter moustache and goatee because I knew it would have been done with his full co-operation. My friend Tracy who came round to help at bath time was less happy as she had the job of scrubbing it off. She managed it despite his protests that his teacher wouldn't mind his facial art!

I'm lucky. My 7 children on the whole  get on very well. Of course there are rows and occasionally mild fisticuffs, but mainly they are a tolerant friendly bunch who seem to appreciate having permanent playmates living with them in frankly cramped surroundings.

This picture for me sums up life in our house. Fun, a bit odd, and quite quite mad.

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