K is for Kiss- The Alphabet Photography Project

couple kissing at Drag Queen themed dinner party

Every time I look at this picture I laugh. Note the tiaras, my interesting eyebrows, DH's feather boa and diamonte eyebrow decoration....

Together with friends we hold "Come Dine With Me" style dinner parties. Four couples taking turns to host over four months (one a night or even one a week would be too much!) and we theme our evenings for added fun.

This picture was taken on our night (a few months ago) which was Drag Queen themed and people threw themselves into it whole heartedly.  Unfortunately I can't show pictures of our other guests as they have the sort of jobs where it might not be appropriate for them to be seen in extreme fancy dress!

I watched youtube videos of how to create a drag queen look with makeup - the eyebrows are key! We had glittery high heels as place card holders and I gave everyone Drag Queen names. The meal itself was a bit of a disaster as until three hours before we had no electricity for 24 hours due to a major safety issue which resulted in lots of men in and out of the house and digging up our driveway!

Hunting this picture down for the #alphabetphotoproject made me nostalgic - I might have to see if I can arrange another round. Come Dine With Me anyone?

This post is linked to The Alphabet Photography Project run by Charly Dove over at PODCAST.