Simple pleasures - outdoors takeaway picnic

lantern on table with candles and wine bottle
I am easily pleased. I love candles, preferably scented. I love food, especially eaten outside. I love my friends and I don't mind the odd glass of wine!

So this picture, taken in my friend Ruth's garden on Saturday night, kinda epitomises happiness for this madmumof7.

We had decided to order a takeaway and after scoffing a fine Indian feast had settled down to chat and eat chocolate.

The air was warm with a breeze gently playing in the trees over our heads and your could just about hear the birds making the most of the fading sunshine.

As it grew dark  we lit the candles and my friend's husband quietly played guitar as we chatted and I scoffed After Eight Mints. Bliss! As I said, I'm easily pleased.

This post is linked to #magicmoments run by the lovely Jaime at Oliver's Madhouse and to #whatsthestory run by the equally lovely Charly Dove at Podcast. Special congrats to Charly - #whatsthestory is a year old this week!
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