Unbelievable cleaning from RugDoctor Oxy Stain Blaster!

Can I say from the start that I am not being paid to write this post! The results from this product were so impressive that I wanted to share it - especially with parents who will understand just what a range of stains children can engineer!

I was given a bottle of RugDoctor Oxy Stain Blaster free at a recent blogger event and had fun squirting the product at various marks on the carpets and watching them dissolve.
Then last week I was helping my eldest son move house and amongst his possessions was a pair of the most gruesome looking white plimsoll-style shoes you have ever seen.

I was almost scared to ask what the brown, grey and crusty yellowing stains were on the canvas shoes and was quite relieved when he informed me he had worn them to go paint balling. (Cue weary eye-roll from this mother) Of course you did darling. What a sensible shoe choice for an afternoon in the woods shooting paint at each other. Thank goodness he is financially independent and I didn't have to go into a parent rant including the words "price of shoes", "wasting money" and "F-wit".

Anyway. I like a stain-related challenge and rescuing from their intended fate in the bin I took them home and got busy with the spray. I was marginally disappointed not to see instant vanishing of the stain Harry Potter style but it did seem to be helping so after the recommended five minutes I rinsed them in water and sprayed again. Another five mins and I bunged them in the washing machine with a small amount of detergent and waited eagerly for the cycle to end.

Hmmm. Good result but not what I hoped for so I gave them one more spray and rinse and bunged them outside on the washing line.

Well whether the combination of product and sunshine was the magic formula the shoes needed, by the time I got them in the last faint stains had gone and I was left with a very wearable pair of white plimsolls.

I know I sound like one of those dodgy adverts where women are validated by the cleanliness of their sheets but really it was very satisfying, trust me.

I am looking forward to reuniting my son with his clean plimsolls and will accept any form of flower or food related gift in thanks.

Seriously though - this stuff is good. Bizarrely you can't buy it on the usual supermarket shelves but head to the stand where they display the RugDoctor carpet cleaning machines and you will discover a whole array of specialist sprays to buy to remove anything from urine, vomit, red wine, oil and, it seems, paintball paint! You do not need the machine to use many of the products and many of them can be used on clothing and furniture, Check the label to be sure.

As a bonus feature on this post I am giving you the opportunity to witness my screen debut in a RugDoctor video. Try not to laugh too much. But as I said, RugDoctor does produce stain removers which clean up urine if you lose control!

Disclaimer: I was given a bottle of Oxy Stain Blaster free at a recent blogger event. I chose to review this product and views and opinions are very much impartial and my own.