WAHM/SAHM-Busy busy busy at the end of term

It's totally bonkers, the end of term.  My diary is jammed, my brain is whirling and I just know I'm going to miss something crucial.

Sports days, assemblies, Christmas in July events, concerts, meetings, open evenings.......that's the downside of having seven children- I have more than the average number of events to attend which makes this time of year a bit busy to say the least.

Brands reveal Christmas ranges to bloggers and
press in July- #christmasinjuly

Take yesterday for instance. It was an interesting mix of WAHM and SAHM. I still don't know what to call myself. MAHM- Mad at Home Mum?

The day started with the usual screeching and packed lunch making and shoe hunting and sun-cream applying. Quickest shower ever then thankfully a sunny walk to school so my hair dried in time for a business meeting with someone wanting help with their social networking campaign.

Then back to the house for a quick and half-hearted attempt at housework followed by some blog-related emailing and commenting.


A text. Hurrah! A friend from my ante-natal class 20 years ago inviting me at short notice for a cuppa. Couldn't shut down the computer fast enough! Well that's the point of being self-employed isn't it? The sun was shining, I haven't seen my friend for ages and she always offers good cake! (scones this week in case you're wondering)

I paused long enough to peg some washing out, roll the roof down on my little car and I was off for an hour of chat then a dash into the local supermarket.

home made fairy cakes, cupcakes under pop up fly screen
ready to decorate
School run, choir practice (helping with a special tea for the choristers who were performing at school open evening later that same evening) then with the time in between practice and performance I supervised DD as she made cakes for Brownies - Hostess badge in the bag I feel!

Open evening in the hottest room on the planet. Smiling through the tears of pain at the recorder recital. Smiling through the tears of pride at the choir's performance.
4 of my brood on stage

Home. Kids bedtime. Abandoned any thoughts of a proper dinner in favour of cereal (sorry DH) and after a quick slide through the social networks, promoting some blog posts written earlier in the week, saying "hi" to new followers and chatting with some "old" ones I indulged in one game of Farm Heroes (I know, I know) and called it a night.

Awoke this morning and checked the diary for next few days - manic! So in advance if I'm distracted or forget something - forgive me. It's end of term you know.