Why I want a wagon - Brandon Wagons review

No. Not want. I neeeeed a wagon! I've been looking for years at buying one of these useful contraptions- debated trading in my double buggy for one a couple of years ago but until now the high price has put me off.

But then I learned about a new company based in Hertfordshire which has designed a rugged four-wheeled wagon just as stylish and useful as the famous American brands but at a fraction of the price.

Yes for just £65 you too could be the envy of the playground as I was today when I wheeled my borrowed wagon in, lined with cushions and decorated with bunting as an end of term treat for my two youngest children.

And I picked the perfect day to take it - they emerged from their classrooms hot and bothered and loaded down with end of term rubbish treasures  - all their schoolbooks, craft projects, PE kits and even a long forgotten pair of wellies.

I loaded children into the wagon, piled it even higher with their stuff and sailed home with none of the usual begging for them to hurry up while they moan and plead with me to carry their bags.

Other children ran alongside looking enviously on and when we got home it proved to be a popular mode of transport with the friends who had come with us for a playdate.

Bikes and scooters lay abandoned as they took it in turns to pull each other around. It's so light and manoeuvrable that even my petite 8-year-old daughter was easily able to ferry her friend around the garden.

Perfect for camping holidays and festivals, shopping trips and fetes and as one friend pointed out much more stylish than a wheelbarrow for trips to the allotment or in the garden. She plans to buy one to carry her crafts from car to hall when she does craft fairs.

You do need a decent boot size to load it into if you plan to take it anywhere by car but to be honest even if I just used it to speed up school runs and avoid that attractive pack-horse look many mums sport I would soon feel my £65 had been money well spent.

Want one? Check out www.brandonwagons.com. Be quick and you might be able to have it delivered in time for your summer holiday trip to the beach/park/campsite!

Disclaimer: I was loaned a Brandon Wagons wagon for the purposes of this impartial and honest review.