Hotels and Airports

Hotels and Aiports excite me. Probably because I'm not a jaded businesswoman who has to spend many hours in one or both of them and in my head they are associated with holidays and fun.

My husband likes hotels too even though he practically lived in them during his time travelling with an advertising company which specialised in promotional hot air balloons.

No he loves them, because I love I need to spell it out?  When you have 7 children privacy is at a premium and any chance for a child-free night away and we will grab it with both hands. We don't care if it's only a budget hotel a few miles from home-it feels like luxury to know that none is going to creep in at 6am and ask if they can watch TV/eat brioche/is it morning yet.

room at Ibis at Birmingham airport

Which brings me to this week which I have been looking forward to for a long time. Firstly because it is my Granny's 90th birthday and a huge (and extremely rare) family party has been organised. Joint firstly because it means my mum and dad have flown over from Cyprus for said party.  My Dad (who is not actually my Dad but might as well be) almost never comes back to the UK. Can't say I blame him really!

The next great thing about this week is that it gave me an excuse to stay in a hotel and visit an airport- meeting my mum off her flight in the early hours was a treat, especially as she didn't expect me at the arrivals gate. We got To Birmingham airport a bit early to check in to the Ibis then meandered the 300 metres to the terminal. Why is it that M&s, Costa and WH Smith seem far more interesting at an airport at 1am?

bathroom at Ibis Birmingham Airport

It was exciting (I know, I need to get out more) to experience the buzz of the airport even that early in the  morning. People in holiday clothes either excitedly getting out of cars and taxis or wearily trudging through the arrivals gate, People waiting at the arrivals gate - me with my over active imagination inventing back-stories. And my with my evil streak chuckling at people who should have been arrested by the fashion police for the dodgy summer-wear they were modelling.

However I always get destination envy picking up or dropping off friends and family at airports, or even driving past one watching 'planes taking off. I always wonder where people have been or are going to which usually results in me googling affordable destinations. I'm never happier than when I have a trip planned and booked.

Mother safely on UK soil we headed back to the Ibis - a chain I have never stayed in before but has so far impressed me. Basic but stylish spotlessly clean continental-feel room, quirky wet-room and unexpected perks like free wifi, huge plump pillows and a comfy bed ( they are very proud of their new comfy beds). All this and breakfast at an airport for £59 for two - bargain! (I'm not being paid by Ibis - just credit due where it's deserved)

Talking of breakfast it's about that time so I will go and sample the offerings downstairs -hopefully breakfast is better than the beverages offered in the room which are a bit grim to be honest. Even my husband couldn't drink the dreadful coffee!

*update. Breakfast was perfectly acceptable, especially considering the price we paid for the overnight package.*

Then we are off to pick up our almost nonagenarian for a bit of pre-birthday shopping. But maybe I've got time to just pop into the terminal for an airport-Costa first - coffee always tastes better in the terminal and the cafe's position at Birmingham Aiport offers the best people-watching spot I've enjoyed for quite a while!