One sunny day

Yes I know. It's blurred. But I'm feeling a bit blurred at the moment. Everything is moving so fast. Only one week of the summer holidays left, only one month of my son living with us before moving to the coast to start his university course.

How can that be? How CAN it when I remember him as a baby so clearly? But the proof is in the picture. He's taller than me, stronger than me (cleverer than me). And this day we shared last week by the coast will forever be etched in my memory as my eyes blurred as much as this photo as I watched him skimming stones and tried not to embarrass him by sobbing instead of smiling as we explored the area he will soon call home.

It's come fast on top of my eldest moving - also to the south coast as it happens! Two birds flying the nest at once - it's almost too much for a mother to bear. 

But this day will stand out as a magic moment forever. I was on the beach with my two oldest boys. Laughing, teasing, having fun.  I must remember. They are only a couple of hours away and on the plus side they are near the seaside so hopefully there will be lots of sunny days with me, DH and their siblings.  Lots more magic moments.