Party time with four generations.

It was the year of the first Winter Olympics, the year Mercedes-Benz was formed in a merger, Ramsay MacDonald became Prime Minister, a GMT radio time signal was first broadcast from the Royal Greenwich Observatory, the Met Office released its first broadcast shipping forecast and the Sunday Express became the first newspaper to publish a crossword.

90 year old gran and granddaughter madmumof7
madmumof7 & Birthday Girl
It was the year that saw the births of Benny Hill, Clement Freud and Tony Hancock, but most importantly was also the year that saw the birth of my much loved Gran, Vera.

That year was 1924 so a few days ago our entire family celebrated her 90th birthday with a party  in the West Midlands complete with tea-dance favourites from a live band called Nostalgia, a huge buffet spreading over several tables (we love our food!) and some bubbly stuff.

Four generations of my mum's side of the family were reunited for, well actually, pretty much the first time actually since we are fairly well spread across the country from Portsmouth to Manchester with a small enclave in Cyprus!

We reminisced, marvelled at how all the children had grown and ate a small mountain of sausage rolls.

Gran (or Nanny to my children) mingled despite her aches and pains and looked beautiful. She might be 90 and like most people of her age has some mobility and hearing problems but she most definitely has all her marbles and it was lovely to be able to celebrate her special day with her. Happy Birthday to my favourite nonagenarian -Granny!
madmumof7 with husband, children and eldests GF
my brood plus FDIL

sisters madmumof7 & purpleella
with our mum and purplella's daughter.
4 generations
Nanny, Grandma, mum and daughters!

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