Filling Foundations with Friends, Family and Pikachu

I am, as you have probably noticed, a mum of 7. Two of my boys have left home now but we are still squeeeeeezed for space! But I have a plan!

We live in an ex-council house with just 3 bedrooms, one living room, a kitchen we have squeezed a table into and one bathroom (plus a vital downstairs loo!)

Ironically if it had still been a council house the council might have knocked through to next door, extended or converted our loft but we chose the mortgage and ownership route so any expansion has to be paid for by us.

We can't afford a proper extension but need more space as we are running out of room rapidly as our babies grow into adult sized people. We were offered a cheap(ish) solution in the shape of a conservatory style wooden structure which was painstakingly built by my friend's talented father in law. 

Due to home improvement work the structure had to go and we were glad to rock up with a gang of willing friends to dismantle it. All the work to prepare for re-erecting it will have to be done by us- we can't afford builders-  but luckily my husband is in the industry and has plenty of experts to help even if it's just with advice.

This weekend was a big moment for us - the footings (foundations) went in! We hired a cement mixer and with the help of some fab friends from church and the older children the hard task of mixing and filling and raking took just one day, all supervised by my youngest - pictured above in his much-loved Pikachu costume.

I was pretty much useless in what seems to be turning into an extended Fibromylagia flare-up so did my bit by buying beer (not for the children obvs!) extra tea bags and bacon and bread.

Stopping for bacon sarnies in gorgeous sunshine (phew! we were lucky with the weather!)  we said it felt a bit like an Amish barn-raising. And apparently the Amish like bacon too!

My elation at the completion of the footings was short-lived - we now have the stress of sourcing and buying around 600 red-faced bricks to match our 1950's house. Sadly builders merchants don't seem interested in working with bloggers (unless any of you know different?) but I'm sure we will find a good deal somewhere. Prices seem to vary wildly it seems from my first look at the internet!

Watch this space for the next installment of the slowest conservatory build ever. Although I am still harbouring dreams of having it useable by Christmas.......

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