S is for Saw - The Alphabet Photography Project

This is a picture of my DH helping our friends trim their trees- it looks like he's got his eyes shut in all of the pictures I took but I think that's more my bad timing than fear on his part! At the time I took it I was sort of photographing blind - really must wear my specs!

While my husband and our friend Ron were working hard I was lounging along with my friend Ruth in comfy chairs on her patio shouting critical supportive words in their direction.

The children had a fabulous day "helping" and no-one lost any limbs or fell out of any trees. There was pulled pork and copious amounts of pudding to keep the workers fully energised and a good day was had by all.

This post is linked to The Alphabet Photography Project run by Charly at PODcast.


  1. Looks like an adventurous day was had! It must have been fun for the kids too :) #alphabetphoto

  2. What hard work that must be, sawing by hand! Looks like great fun for the whole family though :) #AlphabetPhoto

  3. It's funny when all helps...in autumn in the garden -
    Have a great time :-)

  4. Wow a tree trimming party. A different but fun event =) #alphabetphoto

  5. Eeeek he does look like his eyes are shut on the picture! Looks like hard work but great that you all made a day of it x #alphabetphoto


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