A look at the Dyson DH43H Mattress vacuum-review

Yes - you read that right. This is indeed a handheld Dyson vacuum which has been specifically designed for vacuuming your mattress. I sense snorts of derision from some of you and nods of approval from others - bear with me!

I hang my head in shame and admit vacuuming my mattress is not high on my list of priorities. Frankly it takes the threat of visitors to make me get my Dyson ball vacuum out to clear a path through the dust, hair (cat and human) and assorted bits of crud which seem to appear seconds after I have whizzed round with the vacuum, even when I'm alone in the house.....

Dyson DC43H Mattress cleaning stairsBut after hearing that dust mites and dead skin flakes can build up quickly,  (a two year old pillow's weight is 10 per cent skin and mites!) and that removing them can cut down on allergy symptoms I think it's time to review my cleaning schedule!

I actually enjoy vacuuming - it's a relatively easy job with quick and satisfying results - but I enjoy drinking tea while "working" on my laptop more.

I would have said I didn't need two vacuums but after just a week with the DC43H in my life I am a convert.

My husband loved it from the minute he got it out of the box. Mattress aside he could think of a number of jobs that this little cordless lightweight gadget could handle. The car, the caravan, the stairs, cleaning up quickly after his DIY efforts (although they advise you don't use it too much for fine dust, a small amount of post drilling plaster dust is fine)

When I finally prised it out of his grasp (no darling you can't take it to work to show the lads) I actually even managed to vacuum our mattress. I was going to photograph what came out but trust me - you don't want to see that!

I made two videos to show the little Dyson off better - one "out of the box" and another demonstrating use on a mattress - luckily for you I used baking powder to fake dust mites and dead human skin!

Enjoy them - and here's some top facts about the Dyson DH43H Mattress;

It weighs just 1.32 KG
It's bin holds 0.32L
It takes 3.5 hours to charge for around 20 minutes use.
It has powerful suction to reduce allergens in your mattress and around the home
It has a 2 year guarantee
RRP £220

The Dyson I reviewed is available in all the usual stores or you can buy it direct from Dyson here.

Disclaimer: I was given a Dyson DH43H Mattress for the purposes of this review. Views and Opinions remain honest and my own.

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