Bloggers needed to support Jail Break!

My 19 year old son started University in September and on his first visit home this weekend I fully expected tales of vodka-fuelled nights out, fast food in the early hours and a general account of hedonism interspersed with bleary eyed lecture sessions.

I knew this time would be about new experiences but what I did not expect was the news that he has signed up for a "Jailbreak" experience to raise money for three fantastic charities.

Have you heard of Jailbreak?  Basically in November along with a friend my son will be joining other students from his Uni competing to to get as far away as possible from the start point in Southampton in 36 hours without spending any money.

He has paid an entry fee and has to raise a minimum of £150 sponsorship for the three charities and one student organisation the University's RAG (Raising And Giving)) society has chosen to support:

susu RAG logo
Water Aid- a global charity working towards improving access to safe clean water and improving hygiene and sanitation.

Teenage Cancer Trust - a British charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young people with cancer

Solent MIND whose mission statement declares that they aim to "provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding."

Enactus Southampton-  a not-for profit University supported initiative aimed at developing real business opportunities for individuals and communities in need.

 madmumof7 and ds#2
My son has already almost raised the minimum amount of sponsor money and his hoping to raise more locally by organising a gaming tournament at his university. But he really wants this effort to make a significant amount of money, as well as providing him with an amazing experience- lots of magic moments!

Students who take part typically manage to get a fair way into Europe but in recent years one team even made it as far as Singapore. My son would love to make it to a non-European destination!

I am hoping that my lovely fellow bloggers and readers can help him out. 

We would love it if you feel able to donate even a small amount of money to the event - you can do this via PayPal using the email address

Or if you have any contacts in the travel industry, or work in the travel industry and are able to offer him any form of travel (return flights particularly welcome!) from anywhere to anywhere get in touch with him on the same email address.

He is keen for me to add that no money donated will be used for his travel or during the Jailbreak experience - it will all go directly to the three charities.

He is making a video of his experience and is happy to include sponsor's names or business in it. This video will also be published on my YouTube channel.

You can also follow the whole event on Twitter - #jailbreaksusu- and again sponsors names will be tweeted by him and re-tweeted by me.

Obviously I will be blogging about the whole thing and talking about it on my Monday morning radio show so lots of sponsor exposure on offer here!

Let him know what name you would like mentioned (or if you would prefer to remain anonymous!)

The event starts on Saturday November 22 2014 at 8.30am in Southampton.Wish him luck!

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