A seaside walk in Wales #magicmoments

We visited friends in Wales this week and despite my protestations they decided we would go on a "nice" walk. In my book those two words should never go together. Proper coach potato I am.

Anyway we started by walking through a "secret garden" complete with a real-life Rapunzel Tower...

We climbed down a steep zig-zag path to reach an almost deserted beach where there were hundreds of rock pools.

We found a star fish and felt it sucking our hands as we held it.

And we explored a sea cave. The entrance was covered by falling water from a cliffside waterfall. We spotted a rainbow created by sun shining through the spray - can you spot it in the pictures?

Then came the scariest bit - so scary I forgot to take any pictures. We had to climb up the cliff using two long metal ladders and some crumbly stone steps. All the children zipped up like mountain goats. Dad and his friend climbed up carrying lumps of driftwood. I was so terrified I couldn't look up or down and had to sit down at the top until I had stopped shaking - I hate heights!!!

At the top of the cliff we followed the path back to the carpark. At some points we were only inches from the cliff edge and it was very windy - cue me screeching at the children to keep as far to the right (away from the edge) as possible!

A brief stop for some tree climbing then home in time to watch an amazing sunset from my friends gorgeous seaside home.

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