Do you wanna make a snowman? #snow

I spent Friday evening with friends - alcohol may have been imbibed. That was fine because we knew Saturday stretched before us like a relaxed cat, with only the crinkles of an appointment at 5.30pm and another supper with friends to interrupt our rest and recuperation.

Dozing in between issuing beverage and breakfast-related instructions like Cleopatra summoning servants (that is why you have kids right? to bring you toast and tea in the morning?) I felt blissful, warm and cozy. Mainly thanks to our dual control electric blanket. I'm telling you - clicking that switch and feeling that warmth spread through your body is better than sex. (sorry darling)

Anyway. So picture the scene. Relative calm as myself and DH snooze. Children quiet as they realise that they can get away with extra time watching TV or playing electronic things without me nagging about homework, tidying bedrooms or the grease content of their hair.

Then it started to snow.

snow scene

All hell broke loose as the smaller children became hysterical with excitement. It's been a while since we had any snow in our part of the Home Counties which I attribute to the fact that faithfully every autumn I buy snow boots and suitable outer clothing which they don't use and subsequently outgrow.

Determined that this year the children will wear the bogging things at least once I answered their pleas for permission to go outside and play in the snow with unexpected enthusiasm.

They started to change out of their pyjamas. I had previously checked the forecast and knew that any snow we had was likely to be short-lived so bellowed at them to keep their 'jamas on, cover themselves with their new and unused ski-wear (ripping tags out of Grumpy's as he was climbing into it) and practically pushed them out of the door before the brief flurries ceased and the minute amount of laying snow melted.

Phew! Just in time!

small snowmen and snowball on tableThey managed to make one snowball and two of the tiniest snowmen ever utilising all of the snow in our garden. See, I knew it was worth leaving all the toys, tables and chairs, barbecue, chiminea and other summer stuff lying about rather than put it neatly away for the winter - at least they could scrape snow off the  abandoned junk  deliberately positioned items.

Within an hour pretty much all of the snow had gone leaving only an Instagram image of their achievements.

I'm still tripping over the snow boots by the back door and I'm slightly regretting ripping the labels out of Grumpy's snowsuit as it would have made more money on eBay "with tags" but it is a small price to pay knowing their winter is complete - they have made a snowman.

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg