Design Ideas for Kids Rooms

The downstairs of my home is an eclectic mix of what I call vintage treasures and other people might call junk, largely based around the "shabby chic" style of decorating.
Outside it's an unimaginative red brick 1950's construction - inside with my love of bold colours, original art and home-made doors I like to think I've created something a bit different.

My bedroom is loosely based on French vintage so fits in with the theme but I have to confess the children's rooms are their own domain and have featured over the years  lizards stencilled on the walls and a variety of framed pictures and posters based on their hobbies and interests.
One thing I have always insisted on however are blackout window coverings. You can buy blinds or curtains. (Specialist suppliers like The Blinds Company offer a range of different designs, so you won’t be stuck for options.) The great thing about these products is the fact that, as their name suggests, they block out any sunlight or streetlight that might stop your youngsters from getting a sound night’s rest.  It might just gain you an hour or two of extra sleep in the morning!
They can also help to keep rooms cool during the summer and warm throughout the winter. A room always feel cosier in the winter when the curtains are drawn or the blinds pulled down.
There’s a place for subtle, sophisticated decor, and children’s rooms aren’t it. When you’re creating the design schemes for the walls and floors in these spaces, think bold, bright and eye catching. For the best results, stick to a theme. 
All kids go through phases, and the best bedrooms reflect these. Are your children fanatical about flying, crazy about cartoons or potty about pirates? Whatever they are passionate about, you won’t struggle to find wallpaper, stencils and rugs to put a smile on their faces. I made my own stencils for the lizard theme - the children helped by drawing lizard outlines for me to base my stencil on.
You can even turn the floor into a giant game for your youngsters by purchasing rugs featuring anything from hopscotch markings to road systems and treasure maps.  We had a lovely big rug with a road and train track on - when the children outgrew it I donated it to my local playgroup.
When it comes to lighting, kiss goodbye to bog standard fixtures and fittings and seek out the most imaginative products you can find. Rest assured you won’t be short of options. It’s now possible to purchase lights in designs ranging rockets to animals, fairies, footballs and more. You can also buy projectors that cast fun shapes onto the walls, or you could choose a customised LED neon wall sign.

Imaginative lighting solutions can transform the appearance of these spaces and give them a magical look and feel.
If your kids’ bedrooms are a little lacking in square footage, a savvy design solution is to add a raised bed. You can fit extra storage or a desk and chair underneath these sleeping platforms, or simply use them for added play space. Some even come with a futon style chair which can be converted into an extra bed for sleepover guests.
As long as you have fun and get creative when you’re planning your children’s rooms, you should achieve impressive results that your tots will love. 

Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post.