Dreaming of a cruise ship celebration.

Everyone has a bucket list and very near the top of mine is to go on a cruise, preferably somewhere hot and sunny so I can lounge around on the deck, probably wearing something stripy and nautical.

I have been on a Nile cruise (fabulous apart from the boat-wide stomach bug and creepy men) and on a memorable overnight mini-cruise to some bleak port in Holland.

Both fun but not exactly luxurious -I dream of top class restaurants, entertainment, pools and comfortable cabins which are bigger than a shoebox.

Since the children were tiny we have been telling them that they have to pay for Mummy and Daddy to go on a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary. Well we will have been married 23 years in May and it's looking unlikely that they will be able to scrape together enough student loan and babysitting money to afford it.

So if I want to fulfil my lifetime ambition of going on a cruise for my silver wedding anniversary it looks like I will have to pay for it myself!

I'd like ideally to visit the Caribbean but I'm not too fussy about the destination - cruise ships generally have amazing itineraries visiting some of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth so I might opt for one of the last minute cruises on offer.

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In my daydreams the cruise I go on has only ever featured me, my husband and lots of clothes with stretchy elastic waistbands to allow for all the amazing onboard food I have heard about.

I've since learned that cruising is great for family holidays too. Many cruise ships cater for all ages with entertainment and kids clubs on offer so parents still have time for a romantic stroll, some spa time, a meal alone or to take part in some of the many sporting activities ships offer.

Although I have always laughed at the idea of heading for the gym on my holidays I know some people like to make sure they don't come back twice the person they were. I sense I might be the passenger heading for the on-board boutiques, or shopping during shore visits so my holiday wardrobe can keep up with my holiday eating.

Yes I know there are healthy options on board but there is also a vast array of cake which slips down nicely with cocktails and anyone who knows me knows I am much more likely to choose a strawberry daiquiri than a salad. Well there's fruit in it so it's kinda healthy right?

Some cruises are all inclusive - I like the sound of that! Choosing a different cocktail to sip at sunset every night without worrying about the bill. Perfect!

images from a cruiseRemember that TV programme about the cruise? Even back then it seemed life as a cruise passenger was a whirl of West-End quality shows, back to back parties and a dizzying array of restaurants to choose from.

And all within a short walk of your cabin where you can relax as you head to another fabulous destination for an on-shore excursion.

It seems a cruise would be idea for me because you can choose to be busy, or to relax and watch the waves. I like the idea of getting a snapshot of the places you visit with maybe the idea you could go back in the future and properly explore the places you liked the most.

Disclaimer; This post was written in collaboration with Thomson

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