Love is all around- an amazing week!

I have had an amazing week. I have driven hundreds of miles and eaten far too much food, drunk far too much wine but had the time of my life spending time with some of the people I love the most.

Before I get texts from those I didn't get to see, I am sad I didn't get to see you too. I drove within a few miles of my cousins without having time to stop, missed out on seeing Black Country friends and family and so many more family members as they are spread all over the UK.

But I had a million magic moments with those I did see including my 90 year of Granny who is in hospital.
family picture
madmumof7 with Gran, Mum (with eyes shut!) and daughters at Gran's 90th birthday last summer.

This is no frail old lady. Yes, she has medical issues which leave her physically less capable but believe me there is nothing wrong with her mind and we had a lively chat about the past, present and future. She makes me laugh so much- she is almost as inappropriate as me with her jokes!

I shared the most magic moment with her though when I was leaving. I pray for her constantly and this time got to pray with her which left us both nearly in tears! She has always been so supportive of my faith, despite it not being something that's shared by that side of my family on the whole.

 I got to spend time with my mum, my older boys and my FDIL (future daughter in law) and some of her lovely family. I had breakfast and a number of dinners with some of my wonderful friends and family.

So many magic moments......