Top Ten Simple Pleasures

I was sitting in my kitchen last night with my mate, scoffing a bowl of crisps and drinking tea whilst catching up after what had turned out to be a busy and stressful week for both of us.

As we crunched and chatted it occurred to me that I felt very relaxed and wryly I thought to myself that it doesn't take much to make me happy.

Thinking on this I decided to compile a top ten of my simple pleasures. Not necessarily in order of priority.

  1. Family. Of course you would expect a mother of 7 to list this as number 1 but it's true. Although my neighbours might doubt this as they get to hear me screeching like a fishwife ooh, every morning. To steal a line from an old friend, it's not nagging, it's caring.
  2. Friends; I am never happier than when I am with my friends. And I count some of my family members in this group. I am lucky that I have an exceptional group of friends. Mad as a box of frogs the lot of 'em but I love them.
  3. Food. It was gonna be up there wasn't it? I don't ask for gourmet (although I do love lobster, albeit teamed with chips which makes it my ideal meal) and would probably list a good old fashioned roast dinner as my execution last supper. Best shared with friends and/or family for maximum satisfaction.
  4. Fashion. Well not fashion per se but it fits in with the F theme I seem to have going on. I love clothes and shoes, am as fickle as a chameleon with my style and prefer rooting through the racks at a charity shop than venturing into a boutique. And it's not just about money (although I do love a bargain). I really like the idea of re-using stuff and supporting charities.
  5. Fresh Air. Still with the F's. How long can I keep this up? Well this one might surprise you but the title is a little misleading. I am not one for romping up hills, striding across dales or, to be honest, walking any further than the car park to the cafe. But I do love sitting outside my house with a cuppa and my laptop soaking up sunshine and adore being by the sea breathing in that salty air. Fish 'n Chips on the beach? Heaven!
  6. Faith. It's common knowledge I am an active Christian and I take much comfort from my faith. Maybe not such a simple pleasure as it takes work and commitment but still, it would not be a top ten of things that make me happy without this being included.
  7. Funny stuff. I am that person browsing Pinterest for "fails". I adore "Spotted at Walmart" which reveals I have a slightly childish and off colour sense of humour. I call it quirky. Others call it inappropriate.
  8. Furry things. Aha - it took a while but I managed another F thing. I love my cats. My son calls me the mad cat lady.  I have a collection of adopted cats, one old man and two minxy kittens. I have never ever carried one or more in my handbag.
  9. Facebook. Well not just Facebook. Social networks generally. You either love them or hate them. I am in the former category. I am a nosy old cow so enjoy the glimpses into people's lives and love that round the clock I can find someone to talk to. 
  10. Words. Darn it. Failed at the last hurdle. But I lose myself in words, writing, speaking or reading. They dance through my head, appear in my vision like a script and speak to me like the friends they have been my whole life. I was an early reader and as a child wrote newspapers filled with imaginary events. Without words I would be bereft.

    So there you have it. My top ten. I'd love this to be a new meme so I'm tagging Cathie from Wicked World of Lucas, Kat from Surviving University One Day At A Time, Sam from 40ish Year Old Domestic Goddess and anyone else who fancies it. Let me know if you publish your own list and I'll add a link here.

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