Parent-child role reversal- a big Thank You to my children.

Every one of my 7 children's birthdays is special, obviously, and usually it's a time to look back at the years which have passed and marvel at how the birthday child has grown.

This year my daughter's 9th birthday was extra special because, knowing I was struggling with the aftermath of my husband's accident and surgery, my eldest son and his girlfriend stepped in and made sure that birthday girl had a fabulous party.

Kat (who blogs at Surviving University One Week At A Time) had already agreed to come to DD's party and make cake pops with the children. But my eldest son Jacob joined her on the trip up from Portsmouth to Hertfordshire promising to help in any way he could.

Bless them they worked so hard. They not only helped with the shopping physically (I have fibromyalgia and find the supermarket incredibly exhausting) but even paid for it.
Back at home they made sandwiches, cake pops, sorted the garden out ready for the visitors and even brought a fabulous birthday cake!

At the end of the day they ordered pizzas all round knowing I would be too tired to cook at the end of a busy day.

Taking a well earned break from running a 9-year-old's birthday party.
All of my children have been amazing during this stressful time while my husband is unable to walk far never mind work. From mowing the lawn, making endless cuppas for my husband, helping to make meals and helping with the youngest children they have all made me so proud.

And instead of just looking back at my children's lives I got to get a peek of the future when our caring roles will be reversed. If recent weeks are anything to go by I have no worries about my children doing their best to make my life comfortable and happy.  I am very lucky.

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