Simple Ways to save money on your bills

Sometimes I look at my electricity bill and wonder if the energy company has sent me the combined cost of my entire street by mistake. If like me you dread looking at your energy bills, now’s the time to take action and make your home more efficient. 

There are plenty of energy saving solutions on offer, and by making the most of them, you could benefit both your purse and planet. To get you started, here are some simple ways to save money on your utilities.

Replace inefficient boilers
If your boiler’s seen better days, it may be worth getting a replacement. Bear in mind that, according to energy efficiency specialists the Snug Network, an ageing or inefficient boiler could be adding an unnecessary £300 a year to your heating costs. Investing in an A-rated high-efficiency version will cost you upfront, but it could make you major saving in the long run.

Boost your insulation
Then there’s your insulation to consider. Because heat rises, it’s especially important that you have effective insulation in your loft. It’s also worth checking your walls. If you have uninsulated cavity walls, you could save yourself a tidy sum by improving thermal efficiency in these areas.

Take a look at you windows as well. By replacing any single-glazed windows with double-glazed versions, you can trap more warmth in your rooms. As well as making your home cosier, this has the added benefit of blocking out more noise from outside.

Do away with draughts
One of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient is to invest in some simple measures to block draughts. Just by placing draught excluders under your doors and in your letter box, you could make a noticeable difference to how warm your home feels.

Use efficient appliances
You might also benefit from replacing some of your appliances. Any electricity-guzzling machines and devices should be swapped for new, efficient models. If you don’t want the expense of doing this all at once, focus on the goods you use most first. It’s now possible to purchase anything from energy saving dishwashers to eco kettles, so you won’t be stuck for options.

 Think about your lighting too. You can make significant savings simply by replacing old-fashioned bulbs with energy efficient lights.

To see how much electricity your household is consuming, you can invest in special digital displays. These monitors will make you much more aware of the way you use energy and they could help you to identify areas of wastage.

Is your house like a sauna? Turn the thermostat down!
Turn your thermostat down

It may be time to turn your thermostat down too. Even by reducing your heating by just one degree, you may be able to make noticeable savings. Your hot water may be turned up too high as well. If you’ve ever scalded yourself under your taps, you should lower your setting.

By paying attention to advice like this, you should succeed in keeping your household energy bills in check, and you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

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