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My husband loves TV - it has been his saving grace since his accident which has left him with limited mobility and for the past few months the children have teased him about his "fat chair" where he sits with his injured leg up watching the box.

It's been quite nice actually. Whereas he used to be always too busy with work, or DIY or helping other people with their jobs to spend lots of time with the children now he is free to have lovely long chats with them, listen to them read or answer the quizzes they like to make up. He also has time to sit through box sets with the older children who each have a favourite series they share with Daddy.

I hadn't thought of TV being quite such a bonding thing for families but I really look forward to the times I have time to join in with a bowl of snacks in front of us and a couple of hours to kill with a good movie.

So if you are stumped for a Father's Day gift why not choose a good movie or two for Dad  the man who is like a father to you or your children and make a date for a Father's Day film fiesta.

Warner Bros have some particularly great titles out in time for Father's Day with just about every genre covered for the man in your life. How about these for starters?

  • Action: American Sniper, Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla
  • Humour: Horrible Bosses 2
  • Clint Eastwood fans: Dirty Harry boxset / Director’s Collection, Westerns Triple
  • Boxsets: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Hangover Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2

OK so some of these are not suitable for children but even if you save your movie marathon for after their bedtime it's a lovely way of encouraging your hard working father figure to sit down and relax.It's a good excuse for you to take a break for some fabulous film fun too!

My husband plans to watch Horrible Bosses 2 followed by American Sniper on Sunday evening- I'm hoping to persuade him into watching the Matrix trilogy in the hope that if I watch all three one after the other it might be less confusing! I am easily bewildered.....

The Clint Eastwood box set is a great choice for whole family viewing especially if you divide the room into cowboys and Native Americans and cheer for your side. 

What would be your top choices for a family movie night or for those evenings you finally get to turn off Thomas the Tank Engine or Frozen?  

Titles are available from Amazon in Blu-Ray and DVD format 
You can win the whole bundle right here!!!

Father's Day DVD Bundle Giveaway

Good Luck!!

Disclaimer: We received a selection of movie titles to help write this gift guide and for future review. Views and opinions remain my own.