Fab Fantasy Fajitas! #TASTEsantamaria

My family love fajitas - I love them because it's one of the few meals which I can easily adapt to suit the varied tastes of my slightly odd family!

We love the flavour of Santa Maria's fajita seasoning mix which you can buy in most supermarkets- we find it flavoursome and not too spicy, with the perfect blend of chilli and Mexican herbs. The recipe on the packet is easy to follow and my young chefs love to stir-fry the mix with  chicken, peppers and onions.

We lay the table ready with soft Santa Maria wraps and bowls of cheese, salsa, sour cream, frankfurters....

Yes you read that correctly. Frankfurters. And oven chips, grated cheese, onion rings all of are "must have" ingredients when we are preparing our fantastic fantasy fajitas.

As well as the "usual" ingredients my children pile their fajitas high with whatever bits and pieces they can scavenge from the fridge and freezer- pulled pork, leftover Chinese takeaway, ham, bolognaise sauce, ice-cream, ketchup, chicken nuggets and marshmallows have all featured in their fajitas in the past.

Unlike me they seem to like salad so you are also likely to find "cabbage" (otherwise known to the rest of the world as lettuce) cucumber, spring onions, carrot sticks and cucumber causing the wrap to strain against the bulk of its contents.

It's a great way of using up leftovers which otherwise would probably end up in the food waste bin.

Such oddness is not for me so in MY wrap goes the lovely smoky chicken cooked with red onions and multi-coloured peppers topped with a handful of oven fries, some raw onion (apologising to my husband) and a good dollop of sour cream which oozes as I eat.

My husband likes his wrap artistically minimalistic with just chicken filling neatly laid in a row, and my youngest prefers his fajita deconstructed.

However they build them all you can hear at our table on fajita night is "mmmm" and the occasional "nom nom" as what looks like a mountain of food is devoured in record time.

And the best bit - very little washing up as fajitas are finger food!

It turns out we are not alone in enjoying foreign foods at dinner time. Santa Maria carried out a survey which revealed Brits are now eating dinner from up to six different countries during the week.

Some other key facts from the research commissioned by Santa Maria:
  • Two thirds of Brits said they find worldly cuisine more flavoursome than traditional British dishes.
  • More than three quarters of Brits felt they are more adventurous in their food choices than their parents ever were.
  • 40% of those polled said foreign dishes like stir fry, curries and fajitas were actually easier to get right than traditional meals.
  • Spaghetti, lasagne and chilli con carne rank 1-3 of the nation’s favourite food imports.
If you like stats and food here's a fascinating list of Britain's Top Ten Fave International Foods according to Santa Maria's survey. 

1.Spaghetti Bolognese

2.Meat lasagne

3.Chilli con carne

4.Pasta and homemade sauce


6.Chicken/lamb tikka masala

7.Vegetable stir fry

8.Sweet and sour chicken

9.Spaghetti carbonara

10.Chicken chow mein

Anyone else feeling hungry now? Hmm - I'm off to see what we have in the fridge to bung in a wrap.......

Disclaimer: I was provided with Santa Maria fajita kit items to help write this post.

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