Disney Frozen frames for children now available at Specsavers .#loveglasses

Out of seven children, only two of mine wear glasses. You would think that the others would be delighted that they have perfect vision but in fact some of them are really quite jealous of the stylish eyewear their brother and sister get to choose.

My seven year old for instance was desperate for a pair from Specsavers' new Disney range and was pleading with the wonderful specialist at our local branch who carried out his latest eye test to "give me glasses." He tried on all of the glasses while we waited for his turn in the big chair and was very keen on the Mickey Mouse designs. Getting him out of the store without glasses was not easy!

The Disney range is a genius idea for younger children who might not be quite as keen as my children to wear spectacles. As most parents know one of Disney's most spectacular (geddit?) success stories of recent years is Frozen and now young fans can choose from a range of Frozen glasses at Specsavers.

Anna frames from Specsavers

Featuring Elsa, Anna or Olaf the glasses are priced at £64 but are free for under-16s with an NHS optical voucher.
Elsa frames from Specsavers

Thanks to Specsavers'kids deal, children can choose not one but two pairs of frames -very useful to have one at school, one at home, or for when they lose them as children invariably do! 

Olaf frames from Specsavers
The second pair of frames does not have to be from the Disney range- ask in store to find out which frames are included in the offer.  Both pairs can come with SuperTough Trivex® single vision lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment, or tinted prescription lenses and a UV filter free in the second pair.

I have always been very impressed with the range of glasses available for children from Specsavers. Staff in the store went out of their way to help my then 9-year-old son get over his reluctance to wear glasses by spending quite a long time helping him choose a stylish "grown up" pair.
Elsa frames from Specsavers

The new Frozen range is sure to help other children like my son who are not happy about wearing glasses feel more positive about it. 

All I have to do now is stop my 7-year-old who doesn't need glasses from sitting as close to the TV as possible because he thinks it will affect his eyes, he will get to wear glasses and he can have a pair of Mickey Mouse AND Olaf glasses!