New Menu at TableTable for Autumn 2015. Review

One of my secret pleasures in life is browsing menus. I have been known to search for a restaurant's menu online days or even weeks before a visit to explore what I might eat!

I was very excited to learn that family-friendly chain, Table Table, has just released a brand new menu filled with traditional favourites alongside some new offerings designed to suit all tastes.

My 10-year-old son (DS#4) had chosen to work as a blogger for a day for his Year 6 work experience. He was asked to work for a day alongside someone (me in this case) and report back to his own school, then do a presentation along with children from all the other local primary schools at the secondary school he is hoping to move up to next September.

I was very proud and think he might be the first child ever to choose blogging as a work experience option in our area.

He was asked to do his day of work during half term which tied in nicely with my invitation to review the new menu at our local Table Table, The Charter in Aylesbury.

Like me, he checked out the menu online on the Table Table website before we drove to Aylesbury. He liked the look of the menu very much -he loves calamari and thought that was an exciting starter.

When we got to The Charter we discovered a selection of menus. DS perused the children's menu which had two options - one where you choose the main part of the meal then add two side dishes, and one for larger appetites which came as a set meal.

He was pleased to see that even the children's menu had a starter section - after asking a few questions of our waiter Ovi, he chose nachos which came smothered in cheese along with a dipping pot of BBQ sauce.

For his main course he chose grilled chicken, rice and garlic bread which made for a very beige meal, but to be fair he could have chosen lots of different options including salad, vegetables, corn on the cob or chips.

For dessert we let him choose 3 scoops of vanilla Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy ice-cream from the adult menu as he hates chocolate and all of the children's desserts were chocolate based apart from lime jelly which he didn't fancy.

I personally thought the children's puds were really quite imaginative and any chocolate loving child would love the choice which ranged from fruit with a chocolate dip to a build your own funny face ice-cream using chocolate beans, strawberry laces and gummy teeth!

His opinion of the food? He said:"I thought that it was amazing. There was a lot of choice and the food was cooked perfectly. There were a lot of healthy choices and plenty of food - I was so full I could barely eat my ice-cream."

He enjoyed exploring the activity sheet he was given as we arrived too. Even though he is 10 he found plenty on it to entertain him, playing hangman with his dad who was apparently a bit useless at the game.

As all good bloggers do my DS sent out a tweet or two while we were there (via my Twitter account) including one which said; "Finished playing hangman with dad on @yourtabletable kids activity sheet. 'cheeseburger' took him a while to figure out!"

Of course it was not just my junior blogger who got to try out the new menu. His dad was impressed with the choice on the evening deal menu and chose 3 course for £12.99. He could have had just two courses for £10.99 but he couldn't resist the full three courses..

 He started with an all time favourite of his -garlic and herb breaded mushrooms, then moved onto gammon steak with 2 eggs (he could have chosen pineapple) and chips (jacket potato was an option), half a grilled tomato and garden peas.

DH finished his meal with a sticky toffee pud and custard which he pronounced "delicious".

I found lots of things I would have like to try on the new menu but I am a bit predictable and almost always choose something that used to live in the sea as a starter so went for prawn cocktail. It's a timeless classic and Table Table's version included lots of large and tasty prawns, tomato, cucumber and proper lettuce.

The sauce could have thicker, and I would have liked more of it but on the whole it got a thumbs up from me. It came served with granary bread and butter. Yum!

Picture of madmumof7 by junior blogger -my 10-yr-old son.

Now don't judge me but after my prawn cocktail I ordered steak - a 21-day aged 10oz Ribeye cut which is new to the menu.

My husband chuckled a little but I like steak! I could have ordered one of the other new choices like the gourmet burger with Brie and Cranberry, grilled salmon and asparagus salad or Thai Green chicken curry but when there's a good steak on the menu I find it hard to choose anything else.

I chose to eat it with chips (natch!)  and added bĂ©arnaise sauce which came served on the side in a little jug. The whole meal was perfectly cooked and delicious.

I decided to try the Rocky Road ice-cream sundae which contained chocolate ice-cream, marshmallows, fudge sauce and chunks of chocolate brownie - I have to admit I only managed half of it as I was well and truly full to bursting by that point!

The Charter itself proved to be a lovely venue with friendly and helpful staff. Overall I'd say the menu is quite safe but since the TableTable type of chain is perfect for family meals which can include 3 or 4 generations and I would say there would be something on the new menu to suit everyone.

Prices are very reasonable, especially if you take advantage of the daytime or evening deals. They even have a "Tasty Rewards" loyalty card scheme so if you have a Table Table pub restaurant near you it might well be worth signing up to earn free meals and other treats.

You can find your nearest Table Table Pub Restaurant on their website, and book table directly from there.

Disclaimer: I was invited to sample the new menu and given a £60 discount for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.