Advent calendar - Christian or Chocolate? Or both!

Today is Advent Sunday so I thought I'd offer my latest parenting tip in the hope I can help solve the  dilemma many parents face at Advent when choosing calendars - Christian or chocolate?

After years of switching between the two (and hating the line-up of tacky chocolate calendars on my mantelpiece) I finally had a brainwave - I could combine both so my children didn't miss out on the chocolate and were reminded daily of the actual reason for Christmas.

I bought a nice traditional cardboard calendar with a nativity scene on and a £4 tub of chocolate and 2 bags of chewy sweets for my chocolate-hating son from the supermarket.

Advent calendar, Christmas tree, nativity

Emptied sweets into a decorative jar I had bought last year decorated in a festive manner with pretty ribbon and a dried orange slice then hey presto - happy children, happy parents.

They can't wait for Tuesday to start dipping into the jar but Advent officially starts today with the lighting of the first Advent candle in church followed by an early Christmas lunch with family from far and wide.

I hope the joy of the season lights up all of your lives regardless of faith or belief.