Personalised advent calendar from Cewe Photoworld

Who doesn't like getting surprises through the post? I love getting parcels, even when I know what is inside but nothing beats the excitement of something you aren't expecting.

Today I had a bundle of post - boring paperwork, something I'd ordered off an online auction site and a large purple parcel I was not expecting.

I hurled the dull post to the side and immediately tore into my surprise parcel to reveal......

A fabulous personalised Advent calendar stuffed with luxury chocolate treats created by the clever people at CEWE Photoworld.

Now I normally am a bit fussy about Advent calendars. As a practising Christian I try to avoid robotic warriors and cartoon characters as I count down to what is a very special day in my faith, not just for presses and turkey.

But I loved the picture featuring some of my children and think the option of personalising your advent calendar presents lots of opportunity to explore what Advent and Christmas means to you and your family. Or you could just use it as an easy way to identify which calendar belongs to which person in your house!

Prices rage from £9.99 to £19.99 depending on the type of chocolate inside and are simple and quick to create and order . Hurry though if you want yours delivered in time to open the first window on December 1!

Disclaimer: I received a free advent calendar worth £19.99 from CEWE Photoworld for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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