Testing the Santa Maria Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Dinner Kit.

We are big fans of pulled pork here and have tried a variety of recipes to create the tastiest version served in the nicest way- but we never thought to pop it into a wrap!

My children would eat pretty much anything if you serve it in a wrap. One of my older boys will often scoff a large wrap with salad, sauce and as many chicken nuggets as he can cram into it!

Santa Maria make a variety of kits designed to make mealtimes quick, easy and tasty and I was thrilled to learn they now do a pulled chicken and pulled pork kit.

We decided to try the pulled pork version which takes 5 minutes to prep and 90 minutes in the oven, during which time your mouth will be watering with the smell wafting around your kitchen.

You just add 1kg of pork steak, in shoulder, chop or loin cuts, 2 red onions, 100 ml water and any vegetables you fancy.

Clear instructions on the pack guide you through the cooking process and there's even a handy cooking bag in the pork seasoning sachet to make sure coating and cooking the meat is mess-free and simple. It also ensures you end up with moist tender pork.

I love the extra touch of the mix to make a red onion topping and if you are a fan of zingy chipotle BBQ sauce this kit is definitely for you as it comes with a large sachet of it to add to your wrap.

You could add peppers, lettuce, tomatoes or any vegetables of your choice when serving, add tortilla shells or brioche buns to serve instead of the wraps or just pop some potato wedges and battered onion rings in while the meat is cooking and enjoy a Texan-style feast with all of the family.

The Santa Maria Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Dinner Kt serves 4 people and contains 1 pulled pork seasoning mix, 1 easy cook bag, 8 mini tortillas, 1 BBQ sauce sachet and 1 red onion seasoning mix and is currently on sale priced at £2.50 at Morrisons. Prices may vary at other stores.

Disclaimer: I was provided with one pulled pork kit free for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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