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It is sad that we can't just leave our possessions unlocked and safe from thieves but the fact of the matter is there is always someone who for whatever reason feels they have to steal other people's stuff.

Bikes and scooters aren't cheap and are obviously very portable - leaving one leaning outside a shop while you or your child pops in to buy ice-cream is a gamble. And I am sure I am not alone feeling vulnerable leaving an empty pushchair in the theme park buggy park while we go on a  ride, wondering if it will still be there when we get back. After all some pushchairs literally cost as much as a second hand car!

Luckily a mum Cheryl Fox who had her son's scooter stolen came up with another of those blindingly simple but genius ideas  to prevent others losing theirs - let me introduce the Scoot Lock.

Scoot Lock secures bikes, scooters and buggies #review

Scoot Lock is a child-friendly lock, which clamps then stays on the scooter and helps to secure it from being taken by accident in the playground hometime rush  (let's be generous about people's motives here) or out at the park or shops.

Keep scooters, bikes and buggies secure Scoot Lock Review

 A simple and affordable lock, (RRP £19.99) it attaches to the scooter, bike or buggy stem or frame and goes wherever the scooter/bike/buggy goes once fitted, meaning it doesn't get lost or left at home. A long cable on the lock then means it can be safely secured to a railing, tree, or just about anything!

It has a reflective disc on the front which you can replace with a custom animal face purchased from the Scoot Lock website and the alterable combination lock means no-one can use a key from their lock to open yours.

The best bit about the Scoot Lock is that it fits any scooter - mini, micro, urban and even adult. Let's face it those posh scooters especially cost a fair bit of money so it seems wise to invest a little bit more to protect them. You can thread the metal cord through spokes to protect a couple of scooters/bikes but I'd imagine that's a bit fiddly and it's probably more convenient for each item to have its own Scoot Lock for best security.

I've fitted one to my tweenaged son's (brand new) bike as he keeps forgetting his chain lock. The Scoot Lock stays on the frame and he has shared his combination with me so if he forgets it he can text and ask me! You can change the combination as often as you like of course.

It stops me worrying about him riding it to the park and leaving it on the grass while he plays. It take seconds to attach the bike to the park railings using the long strong metal cord then he (and I) can stop worrying about whether some toe-rag is going to nick it.

The Scoot Lock is available in five colours and as I mentioned you can also add animal faces to the front. It takes a matter of minutes to attach to whatever ride you are protecting. You can buy the Scoot Lock and accessories from the website or from retailers including Halfords, Tesco, Argos, Amazon and Kiddicare.

Once again I find myself thinking: "I wish I'd thought of that!"

If you'd like to win a Scoot Lock I have to to give away in my simple to enter competition. See the entry form below! Good Luck!

scooter secured with Scoot Lock #review

Disclaimer: I received one free Scoot Lock for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.
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