Taste-testing Welsh Wagyu burgers from laid-back cows who drink beer & enjoy spa treatments.

I love the idea that far from the busy streets of Soho in Wales there are cows drinking beer to produce the top quality Wagyu beef which is becoming the only meat to make tasty burgers from.

Welsh Wagyu burger at Soho Joe in Dean Street, London

Burgers have come a long way from the greasy, almost meat-free patties served from the pungent vans I remember from my youth. Modern gourmet burger joints have their own language - I'll never forget the first time I was asked if I liked it dirty....

And there are actually burger bloggers who devote themselves to finding and sharing details of the best burgers in town.

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I have no idea if any of those specialist burger bloggers were at Soho Joe in Dean Street, London this week but I was there with my willing volunteer Claire who does love a drippy burger. We had been invited to try the restaurant's new Wagyu burger. The things I do for you dear reader.

So back to the beer drinking cows. Soho Joe sources the meat for their Wagyu dishes from a black Japanese beef cross bred variety which are raised in the clover-rich pastures in the lush hills of Wales. They are given loads of room to roam enjoying a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle.

They supplement their natural diet with rich grain feed and are given a daily drink of Monty's beer which is brewed close to where they are reared.

If that wasn't enough, they are given an occasional massage which apparently enhances the flavour of the Wagyu beef which is famous for its high level of marbling and high levels of Omega 3 and 6.

Restaurant review - Soho Joe. Wagyu Burger

We were given a piece of Wagyu steak and a Wagyu burger to try at Soho Joe and both totally lived up to the hype. Both were tender and juicy and full of flavour. The staff at Soho Joe served our burgers simply with lettuce, onion and pickle to let the flavour of the beef shine through.

I would definitely return to the restaurant - as well as reasonably priced burgers they are famous for great pizzas (look out for £5 pizza offers on their Facebook page) along with hot sandwiches, grills and salads. The atmosphere was great and children are welcome.

Pizza at Soho Joe in Dean Street, London, Soho

And despite wondering if the whole Wagyu thing was pure hype, I am now a fan. Let's raise a glass of Welsh beer to the massaged and slightly drunk cows who produce such amazing food. Cheers!

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the Wagyu Burger at Soho Joe free for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.