Quick and convenient health screening at home for allergies, intolerances or deficiencies.

I have long suffered with intestinal problems and symptoms like bloating and a blocked nose after eating and never been entirely sure what was causing them. I cut out wheat for a while and did feel better but it's hard to maintain a free-from diet if you aren't really sure you are cutting back on the right ingredients.

I mentioned my issues to my doctor - she ruled out anything serious like coeliac disease- but I was left to wonder about what was actually causing me to look heavily pregnant after almost every meal. I've even been offered a seat on the Underground despite my grey hair and wrinkles. I was too embarrassed to admit I was menopausal! You'll notice that most pictures I share of myself do not include my bloaty tum!

madmumof7 with bloaty stomach

When I was offered the opportunity to try a food tolerance screening test I jumped at it.

I met with some of the the experts from Cerascreen to learn a bit more about what their service offers.

They explained that for the food tolerance test the scientists they employ to carry out the tests perform an IgE and an IgG4 test. Yes, its all a bit technical but the point is they thoroughly explore whether you are allergic or intolerant to a substance.

Cerascreen offers a variety of tests looking for intolerances alongside the overall food intolerance test. So for instance you could check for a specific lactose intolerance, or an intolerance to gluten or histamine.

Other tests offered by the company include ones which test for vitamin deficiencies, like Vitamin D and B12. There are also tests for testosterone levels and the stress hormone (cortisol).

Let me tell you a bit about Cerascreen. It was founded by German Hamburg University graduates in 2012 and the test service is already proving popular in countries all over Europe. The website says Cerascreen® GmbH is a subsidiary of the company DST Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH, which has specialised in holistic diagnosis for over 10 years. 

The tests the company offer are  not just for people worried about intolerances. The Cerascreen founders want people to think of the tests as a positive way of keeping healthy and make the most of the health you have whilst watching out for future problems. The tests are apparently very popular with athletes and sports players who can be affected by even a slight imbalance within their bodies.

So back to my experience of the test system.

Firstly you browse the website and choose which tests you would like to do at home. You register and fill in a short survey asking height, weight and a few questions about symptoms you might have noticed and when you aware are of them.

The kit is sent out to you then you follow the very clear instructions using the kit which has everything you need in it to collect samples and send them.

cerascreen testing kit

The Food Tolerance test requires a few drops of blood dripped into a tiny container which then gets posted off with a unique reference number (each kit has a different one) which you must keep a note of to log on to get your test results just a few short days later.

Squeamish? Don't be. The actual process of collecting blood was quick and I could barely feel anything using the sterile "clicker" which punched a teeny tiny hole in my finger. There was even some satisfaction "milking" my finger into the vessel!

Cdrascreen testing kit for allergies, intolerances or deficiencies

Other tests from the Cerascreen range use urine or saliva samples- all tests are are sent off in the postage-paid envelope provided with your kit for analysis.

Navigating the website after logging in with my email and password was simple and my test results were easy to access in my personal user area.

I was very eager to know the results!

It turns out I have no actual food allergies but my results do show an intolerance to cows, goat and sheep milk, spelt, rye and barley!

The report does far more than just list what you reacted to. There is comprehensive information about the test, the results and what you should or could do next.

Based on the results and CeraScreen's recommendations I plan to try a rotation diet only including those ingredients in my diet every four days to give my gut a rest.

The company is rightfully proud of their follow-up scheme saying: "You can have supplementary tests carried out, arrange a consultation with our ecotrophologist (specialist nutritionist) or order the appropriate dietary supplements in our shop. Our tests serve as an early detection for certain diseases and deficiencies, thereby providing you with optimised preventative health care at home."

And that right there is what, they are hoping people will realise, is the point of their service. Yes the tests can be used as a starting point for a diagnosis if you have no idea where else to start or have a doctor reluctant to listen to your concerns. You can use them to put your mind at rest but best of all you can use them as a tool to improve your general health and wellbeing going forward into a healthier future.

I am quite excited about a new start. Although I think it might be hard to avoid milk at least I know what might be causing my symptoms and look into doing something about them.

I plan to do the lactose intolerance test next so I am even better informed about what I can tolerate.

Prices of the tests vary from £39 to £119 for the full food intolerance screening test. You can get a 5% discount on the website at the moment if you sign up for their newsletter, or even better, you can get a 10% discount using this unique code: madmumof7-10

It really is a very simple and convenient service and the range of tests available to UK customers is increasing all the time so if they don't have the test you are hoping for, it's worth bookmarking their site for the future.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.