7 Best Buys for Travelling with a Toddler

Travelling with a child of any age comes with its challenges. This is especially true of the toddler; moody, prone to tantrums, short attention span, always hungry and easy to upset. 

Many people choose to put off traveling until their children are older, as the mere idea is too stressful. However, there is no need. We all need a break. You might be working a hard job, or studying a difficult course, like an online magmasm degree, and you deserve time away. Traveling with kids, while stressful, can also be wonderful. 

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Toddlers view the world with such innocent excitement, seeing new places together is a very different experience than at any other time. Here are some of the things you can buy to make your travels easier, and more fun.


Trunkies can seem expensive. But it’s worth it for the convenience. Let your toddler help pack their own things if they can - at this age they love to help Mom and Dad. Then they can sit on them when they get tired and bored at the airport. They are also durable, and fit in overhead storage.


The ultimate travel necessity. If you are flying, lollipops can not only keep your child quiet, and happy, they will also help alleviate any ear pain from the change in altitude. Whether flying, or driving, try to find things they like, but aren’t smelly or particularly messy. Then be sure to have drinks, wipes and a bag for rubbish to hand.

Portable DVD Player

Portable DVD players, or for slightly older children, tablets or hand held games consoles, are a brilliant, easy way of keeping children entertained. Let them choose their favorites. Large, over ear headphones are also a good idea if they will wear them.

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Coloring Book

A simple, but always effective purchase. Everyone loves coloring. If you are studying a course such as an online masters in gerontology from The University of Southern California, with its intense course overview, then you might even have a stress busting adult coloring book yourself. A simple book, and some non-toxic crayons or pens can keep a child happy just as well as any fancy gadget.


Taking a pillow from home is always a good idea. It provides a feeling of safety and familiarity as well as comfort. However, if space is an issue, buy a travel pillow and wrap it in your toddler’s normal pillowcase from home.

Lightweight Stroller

A lightweight stroller is another must. If you are flying, you can usually keep it with you until boarding. When driving, be sure to get one that folds small enough to fit in the car with your luggage.

Portable Highchair

Travel highchairs don’t need to be big and bulky. There are material harnesses, with a comfortable seat, that can be strapped to any normal chair. Keeping your child safe and comfortable, wherever you are.

While traveling with a toddler can be challenging, there are a lot of ways to make it easier, it might just take a little preparation. Remember, it can also be enormously good fun, so enjoy these experiences while they last.