Philips Health Watch, Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor & Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales

How are those New Year's resolutions going? Did you decide to get fit, eat healthily, generally make all round changes for the better with your diet and lifestyle?

It's about this time of year when enthusiasm can start to wane. It's hard to stay away from your go-to comforts like stodgy foods, wine and chocolate when the days are dark and the rain just won't quit.

The summer seems a long way away still and the desire for a beach-ready body might not win over the desire for a steaming hot, salt-laden portion of chips. Well it doesn't for me anyway.

If you need something to reignite your passion for a healthier lifestyle look no further. Check out this sleek and beautiful Philips health watch, a connected activity and sleep tracker and sleep monitor. You can choose to team the watch with a bluetooth body analysis scales, bluetooth wrist or arm blood pressure monitor and/or an ear thermometer (that would be useful if you are trying to conceive using temperature measurements as a guide to ovulation.)

Philips Health watch
Philips health watch, body analysis scales and blood pressure monitor

The sleek and attractive kit with all the tech marvellousness even managed to tempt me to think seriously about increasing my exercise and dropping some extra pounds. After an initial squabble however my husband won the argument about who was to try the watch, the body analysis scale and the wrist blood pressure monitor out.

He loved the way the watch looks and easily downloaded the partner Philips HealthSuite Health app which he filled in with all of his vitals- height, current weight, age etc.

The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. You can check if your phone is compatible on the Philips website.

(In the interests of providing you with an honest review I have to admit we had a spot of bother linking his watch to the body analysis scales using his iPhone but I tried my iPhone and had no trouble at all.)

Philips body analysis scales

Once paired on my phone it was very exciting watching the information from the scales and the blood pressure monitor fly via bluetooth to the app giving a comprehensive guide to what the situation was and what goals we should aim for.

Philips health app

You don't need the extra gadgets - you can input the information from standard weigh-scales, thermometers and blood pressure monitors but having tried similar apps where you have to do this previously I found I quickly gave up doing that and my information became out of date.

With the Phillips bluetooth body analysis scales staying synced to the watch and your app you can just stand on them as you would normally and know the information is stored for you. The same goes for the blood pressure monitors and thermometer- no worries about recording information incorrectly.

The design of both gadgets is top notch. The scales felt nice to stand on- I know this sounds mad but until you  do it yourself I can't explain that any further! The display was clear and easy to read even with my dodgy blurry morning vision.

The blood pressure monitor too was easy to use and easy to read. Obviously read the instructions carefully to make sure you place the device in the correct place otherwise you might have some unexpected results. The strap for the blood pressure monitor is well made and comfortable and fit my slim wrist nicely plus there was lots of strap for chunkier wrists.

Philips wireless blood pressure monitorPhilips bluetooth blood pressure monitor

Day to day my husband enjoyed wearing the watch (which comes with straps in two lengths to fit most sized wrists). He loves the look of it and particularly likes checking his heart rate and number of steps he takes each day. I'm more interested in calories burned - have I bought enough calories to have that chocolate bar?

Philips watch strap

My husband was very impressed with the app which is not just a record keeper either-it offers inspirational quotes and lots of tips on healthy living.

So does it work? 

We both believe that if you use all of the app's functions fully, and either record the information faithfully or use the associated accessories it would help motivate you to improve your levels of exercise, keep track of what you are eating and drinking and ultimately attain whatever goal you set for yourself.

Obviously, like any exercise routine or equipment, healthy living plan or diet - none of it will work without your own willpower.

However, the novelty of the watch and gadgets has still not worn off even well into February so hopefully my husband's post-Christmas self-improvement plan will come to fruition, in no small part thanks to the Phillips health watch.

Philips health watch

Disclaimer: We received a Phillips health watch (RRP £249) and borrowed the body analysis scales (RRP £90) and blood pressure monitor (RRP £70) for the purpose of this honest review.