Green coffee- a healthy weight loss aid?

My husband loves coffee. He drinks mugs full of the stuff every day. I like a cup early in the morning to help wake me up and get myself out of bed or during the day while catching up with friends but I didn't realise that choosing the right beans can help with weight loss according to green coffee fans.

There are so many ways to make your perfect brew nowadays from tradition stove-top expresso makers to French Press 9also known as cafetiere) or maybe you prefer the convenience of pod machines like the hugely popular Keurig coffee machines.
Yes, coffee has a variety that you might have not discovered yet. I'd never heard of green coffee but here's an explanation of how it's produced.

The coffee bean has an adventurous life till it reaches your coffee table. They are actually seeds enclosed in a red berry. These are extracted and roasted that lends the incredible taste and aroma. When left in their raw form, they are used to produce green coffee. These seeds are not roasted; instead they’re soaked and then concentrated in an extract. In its pure form, green coffee has a low caffeine content which makes it healthier.

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Why green is good
Green bean coffee extract became popular in 2012 when Dr. Oz mentioned it in a show as a ‘magic weight- loss cure’. 

The theory is that after being roasted, coffee beans undergo numerous chemical changes. Though their antioxidant levels increase, but the powers of a natural substance called chlorogenic acid decrease, a chemical known to affect post-meal blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, curb carb absorption and block fat accumulation – all of which aid weight loss. The chlorogenic acid content is higher when coffee beans are in their pure, natural form.

Green coffee might have a hand in slowing the rate of glucose release in our blood. If consumed before a meal, the chlorogenic acid reacts with the food and controls the amount of glucose we synthesize. This way it builds your metabolism that can lead to weight loss when coupled with a balanced diet and adequate physical activity.

What does it taste like?
Taste is personal and so it’s difficult to say if it's nice or not. For some, drinking brewed green coffee may not be ideal as it is slightly more bitter than your regular, roasted coffee. You can get over this by buying supplements made with green coffee extract. 

Some products like Örtte Skinny Coffee also try adding other ingredients to enhance the taste and effect of green coffee. 

Apart from the fact that there are claims that green coffee helps in weight loss, the simple fresh flavour of the brew can itself be quite refreshing. 

One good way to enjoy the young flavour of the green bean extract is to make a version of a virgin mojito out of it. Crushed ice, juice from half a lime, sprigs of fresh mint, cane or palm sugar, and some of the green coffee extract – all roughly muddled together can be an excellent day time drink.

You can even carry a fresh smoothie to start your day or take to the gym. To make it filling use something like almond milk, add brewed green coffee, a banana, some dates, maybe even a bit unsweetened cocoa powder, a few ice cubes and blend it on high speed.

I prefer the cocktail idea myself but whatever, with the possibility of weight loss and health benefits it's easy to see why some brown coffee addicts have now switched to green coffee.

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