Tips on How to Reduce Waste at home from Rubbish Removal Experts Clearabee

I have to confess I find recycling terribly tedious - our local council gives us a range of receptacles to sort our waste into and a strict timetable for when each bin and box will be collected.

Sometimes feeling lazy I wish I didn't have to rip the plastic panes out of cardboard cake boxes or strip down the packaging from toys at Christmas - I particularly hate those with tiny screws holding the toy in!

The fact is however that waste management is a major issue that all parts of the world face. 

Every family produces waste on a daily basis which if mishandled, leads to pollution and many other problems. Many people do not care about the waste situation in the world, as long as it’s not at their doorstep. The sad thing is that no matter how often people keep reminding the world to recycle, many people choose to ignore the issue. 

Here are some handy tips from UK rubbish removal experts Clearabee to help you reduce waste in your house while helping you do your part to save the planet.

Buy supplies in bulk 
Going to the store every other day to get groceries and kitchen supplies are one of the ways that kitchen waste bins are always overflowing. Try and buy dry goods like washing powder or pet food in bulk to ensure you only have to dispose one bag or box after a long time.
Carry reusable bags  
In Britain the plastic bag charge has been in force for some time but have you got into the habit of taking your own bags yet or do you still pay for them, or worse, try and carry all your shopping in an unstable pile? (I have been guilty of this!) 

Keep the tiny fold up ones in your bag or car and make sure you put them back after emptying the shopping out.

Repair and re-use.
Much of the human race has become careless with the old "make do and mend" attitude giving way to a more disposable society trend. Instead of dumping broken stuff, see if it can be repaired - it might prove more cost effective!

If you must have the latest tech, see if anyone else wants your old stuff. Even if your old laptop seems rubbish and slow to you, someone else might be glad of it if they don't have one at all. Use sharing sites online to offer your cast offs free or cheaply.

Make use of charity shops, either donating or buying goods. Most of my wardrobe is made up of second hand items often from shops I can't usually afford to shop in.

We hand mobile phones down through the family but I sill have a small pile of obsolete ones cluttering up the kitchen windowsill.

The trouble is, it's not always easy to know where and when to dump stuff with many recycling sites having strict rules on when and what you can dispose of there- hence the piles of old fridges, tyres and rubble on the side of the road.

We had trouble when we tried to tip our old kitchen during a refurbishment - the recycling site refused to take it. In the end we burned it hoping the laminate wouldn't poison us!

If you've had similar issues here is some good news.

There is a company in the UK that has taken the lead in helping British householders and traders find better and more convenient ways to dispose of  waste. 
Clearabee specialises in same day rubbish removal and strives to be responsible and dependable. Anytime you call, they aim to respond and take action within 24 hours. Perfect for when you have finished your DIY project or the builders have left a mess.
Rubbish removal is not an easy task and recycling is not easy but it is our duty as the protectors of the earth and nature to dispose of waste correctly, in a harmless way and ensure that we remind those close to us to recycle and cut back on waste.

 Disclaimer: Collaborative article.

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