5 Ways to Save Money on a DIY Renovation Project

There isn't a homeowner I know who would not want to receive reliable, value for money service when embarking on a home renovation project. It can be a tricky process which can end up costing more than just pounds!

We are coming to the end of our project which has been years in the making but that's because mainly we did the work ourselves. Not everyone is as handy as my husband and our lovely friends who pitched in too, so most people obviously hire help.

DIY renovation project

Unfortunately, there are some companies or tradespeople who are less honest and experienced than others so to ensure you have the best chance of receiving exceptional service and getting value for money, here are five top tips for your renovation project.
Carefully Plan Your Renovation Project
Before you hire professional help, it is best to sit down to carefully plan your renovation project. You might not have the technical know how but you will have a god idea of what you hope to achieve.

You need to set  a realistic budget that will cover all structural and aesthetic tasks. Don’t forget to leave a little wiggle room in the budget for any unexpected surprises along the way, as many people are often caught off guard by extra issues such as with the plumbing that could halt a project before it has even begun. You may also need to place furniture into a storage unit, or arrange temporary accommodation for you and your family during a renovation.

Compare Quotes Before You Decide
Once you have defined a budget, your next step should be to obtain a quote from a reputable company or tradesman. For example, if you are looking for high-quality secondary glazing at a competitive rate, you would be wise to consider the big 4 double glazing companies to receive the highest quality windows at the best price.

Remember, quotations can vary, so never accept the first price you receive, and don’t be afraid to negotiate on the cost, as a contractor might be happy to provide a discount to secure the job.

Organize Your Time
If possible, arrange a project deadline with a contractor or supplier, so the task will be completed on schedule. Regularly communicate and ask as many questions as possible regarding the renovation, and speak up if you do not understand. 

You can also prevent costly project delays by ensuring all materials are delivered on time, which could prevent paying a contractor, painter or decorator for an additional day’s work.

Keep Track of Your Budget
Avoid extra costs by keeping track of your budget for an interior design project, property remodel or electrical work. This will prevent overspending on items you don’t really need, or will allow you to make cutbacks to accommodate an additional expense. As a result, you will not run out of money, so you will complete the project on schedule.

Shop Around for the Best Prices
Renovating your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Shop around to discover high-quality products at a vintage store, auction site or an in-store sale. For example, you can save a considerable amount of money on a new kitchen by opting for cheap units, which will allow you to spend more money on a luxurious countertop, which can transform the look and feel of an interior design. Don’t forget to visit comparison websites to discover the best price for your budget and needs.

Do you have any money saving ideas to help transform a home? Share your tips and stories by leaving a comment below.

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