Boot Styles for All Occasions

The one great thing about autumn and winter in the UK is that is most definitely boot season. I am slightly embarrassed to admit how many pairs of boots I own but I'm hoping this post will go some way to justifying my collection!

You see I think everyone should have boots for all occasions. From cute ankle skimming pixie boots in bright red tones to bold thigh high versions in glossy black there will be a pair of boots to suit everyone.

Red Goretex boots by Hotter

Yes, you don't have to stick to black or brown for boots. The pair I have worn the most so far this season are a berry red pair of Goretex (and therefore cosy and extremely water resistant) ankle boots from Hotter.

These boots are well travelled and extremely versatile. They were equally great for a long day at the shops in Cape Town's trendy waterfront, sight seeing on the Cape, running away from over friendly giant sealions on the coast and clambering up steep rocky pathways in the Karou desert area during a camping trip.

REd boots in the South African Karou

I do have black boots. No wardrobe would be complete without at least one pair and I have two. I did have three but the stiletto heeled animal print lined suede pair I had were reluctantly ditched in my last shoe cull as my aged feet can no longer take the pain.

I have a pair of ECCO suede pull on ankle boots I bought off an online auction site over a decade ago which are still amongst the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own, and a pair of calf-high leather zipped boots by Dr Martens which I snatched up in a charity shop on the Isle of Wight. They squeak slightly but I still adore them and they too are sooooo comfy!

Calf height boots are probably the most popular as you can style them with skinny jeans and trousers or leggings or dresses or skirts with tights. Check out this range of women's calf boots to see how many different styles there are in that genre alone!

 From wedge heels to fur turnovers you can easily find boots to match your personal style. Although as you can see from this picture my personal style is quite eclectic leaving me scope to wear just about anything on my feet!

madmumof7 in Germany wearing calf high boots

No worries if you have skinny calves and boots look like wellies with your stick thin legs poking out. Invest in some knitted or furry boot toppers to fill the gap and add a stylish (and cosy) edge to your calf-high boots.

Or maybe the problem is that you have chunkier calves? Many boot manufacturers now make footwear with varying sizes. Just like you can get petite fit trousers or slim fit shirts you can buy boots in a choice of fittings.

Sometimes it's just a case of finding which style suits your leg shape - if zips won't close look for pull on boots with an elasticated panel which might be more comfortable.

Whatever boots you choose it's important to look after them. Generally in the UK our boots have to content with ice, snow, rain and mud and if you let wet or dirty leather boots dry incorrectly you will ruin them.

Always wipe of the worst of the mud as soon as you get in and leave the boots away from direct heat standing on newspaper to dry. Not on top of the radiator which could over-dry and crack the leather!

If they are wet inside scrunch up kitchen roll or newspaper and stuff inside the footwear to absorb the moisture.

Once dry you can wipe of the rest of the mud with a slightly damp cloth then use shoe polish and/or a leather moisturising product to restore your beloved boots to their former glory.