Feather & Down Body, Bath & Home Sleep Aid Range #review

I used to be able to sleep like a baby. Then I had a baby (or 7) and nowadays I often struggle to get to sleep or wake in the wee small hours as if I still have infants crying for my attention.

I've tried a variety of different pillows and a new mattress helped but still I find myself tossing and turning, dog tired but still unable to drop off.

I am of course not alone in this so it's no wonder that products from a relatively new company Feather & Down are proving popular.

fFeather & Down Sweet Dreams Bath, Body and Home fragrance #review

With luscious packaging and a gorgeous scent, Feather & Down sweet dreams bath, body and home fragrance products are all designed with one aim in mind - to help people get a better night sleep.

Take the pillow spray for instance. (RRP £7) It takes literally seconds to lightly mist the calming lavender and chamomile essential oils across your pillow just before getting ready for bed and a whopping 83% of users in a recent independent study said they fell asleep quicker than usual.

I not only fell asleep quicker but my sleep app recorded significantly longer REM (deep) sleep which is the sleep you need to feel rested and refreshed.

I have Fibromyalgia, a chronic fatigue and pain condition which is known to have lack of REM sleep as a debilitating symptom.

My average REM records as between 0-14 minutes a night when sleeping around 7-8 hours night.

REM sleep charting in Fibromyalgia

Using the pillow spray alone my deep sleep has increased to between an hour and over 2 hours! Imagine the difference that makes to my day.
Improved sleep in Fibromyalgia patient after using pillow spray

As an example of the spray's effectiveness, according to my sleep app which is linked to my smart watch, last night using my pillow spray I fell asleep earlier than 39% of people and had longer deep sleep than 10% of people.

That's amazing but there are other products in the range which can enhance the effects of the spray, or replace it if for some reason you aren't keen on the idea of the spray.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Bath, Body and Home fragrance #review

Maybe burn a Feather & Down Calming Candle (£18)  before bed. Incorporating wind-down screen free time into your evening routine is renowned for improving sleep. Be sure not to fall asleep with it still burning though. Maybe take a candlelit bath with Feather & Down sleep salts before falling into bed instead of watching a Zombie apocalypse movie.

You could add a Feather & Down relaxing reed diffuser to your bedroom or use their sleep butter or soothing body oil for a relaxing skin treat before bed.

Treat yourself (or your mum?) to the Feather & Down Sweet Dreams sleeping bag which contains a pillow spray, shower cream, sleep balm (dab it onto pulse points) and an eye mask (RRP £15) which surely contains everything anyone would need to soothe the senses, release stress and tensions and relax in time for bed.
Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Bath, Body and Home fragrance #review

Even if you actually have no sleep issues the wonderful aroma of these products make them feel like a luxurious treat- I actually use the sweet dream melting shower cream (RRP £6) in the morning and who knows? Maybe the relaxing properties help me deal with my sometimes stressful school run.

Feather & Down products are all made in England and are available online from Boots.com and in selected Boots stores. You can also order from featheranddownsleep.com where you can find lots of top tips to help you get to sleep faster and sleep longer.

Disclaimer: I received a gift of Feather & Down products for the purpose of this honest review.