Sweet Pups Review

Nothing is sweeter than tasty pastries and you can't get much cuter than teenie cuddly puppies so put the two together in an adorable scented toy and who could resist Sweet Pups?

Sweet Pups puppy

Sweet Pups are the cutest range of soft, plush puppies hidden inside scrumptious looking pastries. It sounds like a slightly bizarre idea but if the chorus of high pitched squeals of delight from my children when they opened it are anything to go buy, it's a winning formula!

Sweet Pups croissantunboxing Sweet Pups toy

With 12 adorable breeds to collect in series one, choosing your favourite might be as difficult as deciding on a sweet treat from a wonderful patisserie! 

Sweet Pups look like the most delicious croissants, macaroons and sticky buns on the outside. 
Opening the pastry package, releases the wonderful scented aroma of the pastry. Shame it's not edible but even though you can't eat it there is a wonderful surprise hidden inside instead!

We were sent a croissant with a gorgeous tan pup inside. 

Sweet Pups croissant in packaging

Sweet Pups croissant unboxed

It's not too difficult to release the pup from inside the pastry although little fingers might need a helping hand from a grown up - along with a reminder these are toys not food!

revealing Sweet Pups toy

The croissant smelled really sweet and even writing this with it next to me I can't help myself - I keep picking it up and inhaling the lovely smell. My daughter keeps it by her pillow as she says it smells lovely as she goes to sleep.

So, like all the best ideas, this one is really simple. Just transform Sweet Pups from delicious looking pretend pastries into cuddly, gorgeous plush puppies by turning them inside out. (The pastry then is hidden inside the pups.)

Your favourite puppy will be revealed – ready for your love! You can turn him back into a pastry by just reversing the fold and secure with velcro so no-one can see the secret inside.

Sweet pups puppy

Sweet Pups are available NOW from Claire’s Accessories and Amazon for £7.99 rrp. Hurry though as even though they only hit the shelves at the end of June these tasty treats are sure to prove popular.

Disclaimer: We were sent one Sweet Pups toy for the purpose of this honest review.