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I've wanted my own scooter for years ever since seeing commuters whizz along the city streets while I trudged slowly along heading for work. The children have scooters of course and in the past on school runs I've had to practically trot to keep up. More often than not I'd ban them from taking them * accepts unfit mother crown*.

madmumof7 on scooter

Then this year my teenaged daughter bought me a gorgeous vintage-esque green, flowery scooter which folds easily and has a carrying strap so I can even take it on the underground without much effort.

Since the start of term I've been complemented by non-scootering parents admiring my ride and the best thing is, our route is on a slight hill so I work my glutes and thighs getting there and can coast home with barely a scoot.

madmumof7 scoots with son

My youngest son loves scooting with me and the only issue has been my older children "borrowing" my beautiful scooter. Even my husband has helped himself to it a couple of times.

My main concern with it was leaving it outside shops, work related venues and other places like in the park. Then I remembered the amazing Scoot Lock which we reviewed a couple of years ago which we attached to my son's scooter.
scooter secured with Scoot Lock

Scoot Lock fitted onto stem of adult commuter scooter

I remembered how much I was impressed by the device which stay firmly fixed to the stem of the scooter (or bike or buggy) and has a built in wire cord which you wrap round an immoveable object like a lamp post or metal fencing and secure back into the device using your own unique code which you set yourself.

what's in the box - Scoot Lock components

Everything you need to fit the device comes in the packaging (it took me just a couple of minutes to fit mine) and the whole lot costs under £20.

Scoot Lock Giveaway

If you'd like to WIN one of these fantastic gadgets for your own scooter, or for one of your family's sets of wheels head to my Instagram account and follow the simple instructions there.

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