How to Help Children Recover After Injury

Injuries happen to all of us, but especially kids who are notorious for running around and falling over. While this may seem devastating as a parent, remember that although you cannot prevent such injuries, you can help them recover through proper medicine and TLC.

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As a parent it's a good idea to be prepared for accidents. Have a proper, well stocked first aid kit in place and know how to aid their recovery.

Get the Right Tools 
The first step to helping your kid recover from a bad injury is to have the right tools on hand. If they have a pretty nasty wound, for example, you will need to have more than a bandage in your pantry to deal with it. You never know when you may need wound tape, which will help keep the wound dry even in wet conditions like the shower, so may sure always have some to hand.

Of course, the specific tools you will need will depend on the type of injury, so ask your doctor or pharmacist what you should keep stocked up on to aid the healing process. 

Split At-Home Time if They Cannot Go to School 
If their injury means they cannot go to school – for example, if they have a broken their leg or foot – then share in the responsibility. No child should be left alone all day, but that doesn’t mean only one person in your family should take off all their sick days. 

By instead getting your partner, parents, and even siblings in on helping care for and keep your child company, everyone can pitch in and minimize how many days’ worth of sick or parental leave they need to take off. 

Provide the Healthiest Meals to Aid in Recovery 
There are many healthy, nutrient-rich meals that many believe can help your child heal faster. Essentially, avoid giving them heavily processed foods such as ready-meals, snacks or candy even though it is tempting to cheer them up with treats, it's better for them to eat well.

By making healthy homemade meals, you can help their immune system and keep them from feeling fatigued. It's been proven that one of the best foods to eat when sick is chicken soup. It's also thought coconut water, honey, garlic and spicy foods can help too. Broths are good too as they are an excellent source of hydration. 

Help Them Recuperate 
Caring for them while their body heals is not enough. You need to help them address any fears that they have so that they can come out of this recovery process better than before. If they fell off their bike, help them get back on it. While it is healthy to be wary, allowing them to develop a phobia of an activity, place, or event will not help them in the long run. They need to face their fears and get back up on that bike, and they can only do that with your support. 

You cannot prevent every injury from happening to your child, but you can help them recover and even grow from the experience in a positive way. 

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