To Colour Or Not Colour Those Grey Hairs? That Is The Question. #FaceYourFirst

I am not sure when my first grey hair appeared since I started helping the blondeness of my hair along with dye years ago after it started to grow more dirty blonde than golden.

blonde madmumof7 with Gino D'Acampo
But a couple of years ago  I got sick of the colouring cycle which seemed to get shorter and shorter after menopause took hold and started to research ways to go grey gracefully.

You can read more about the results here but, long story short, I had my shoulder-length locks lopped to a number 2 on the sides and a 4 on the top. I loved it then, still love it and enjoy the freedom from straightening, blow drying and pony tail headaches.

madmumof7 with short grey hair

To my face I've had largely positive feedback. I've heard that behind my back some people wondered if I'd been ill and had short hair because of chemotherapy. One close (male) friend casually dropped it into conversation that he thought women should always dye their hair because in his mind letting it go grey equated to letting themselves go.

I actually think my cropped hair is smarter than my straggly blonde 'do and the change of colour and style reignited an interest in fashion and style and I believe I look generally better from my feet to the top of my head than I did five years ago.

If anything my grey is not grey enough - I'm hoping my pure white streak extends to the rest of my head soon.

But do I think everyone should abandon their colouring routine? Absolutely not!

Recently I attended an event with Clairol who make the popular nice 'n easy hair colouring range. I wondered why on earth a blogger with grey hair had been invited and was delighted to learn they are promoting choice in the #FaceYourFirst campaign.

The brand shared the results of a  survey which found 71% of women would not be happy about finding their first grey hair.

Clairol's special guest speaker Farrah Storr, author and Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan UK asked us to remember scary firsts - and remember how they are all woven into the pattern of our life. First kiss, first sex, first job, first boyfriend, first driving lesson......often those scary firsts become beautiful memories.

Clairol said they'd launched this new campaign for this simple reason: 

"Our mission is, and always has been, to make every woman feel beautiful in her own skin, confident and help her live her own truth to the fullest!"

This is not a new philosophy with the brand which wants to promote body positivity, even if it means people don't use their dye.

Apparently decades ago many sectors of society felt it was less than respectable to dye hair. Back then Clairol was sending out the same message - colour or don't colour- it's your choice.

Fast forward to the new century and more women in the western world seem to think they have to cover their greys - I'm not sure which situation is more sad.

No-one should feel pressured to cover their greys or expose them. There is no right or wrong way to have your hair.  Only you know if you are the sort of person who rocks grey, want to hang on to your favourite colour for longer or have fun with bold new colours. Rainbow unicorn in your retirement years? Why not? Colour or don't colour - it's up to you. Whatever you do, OWN IT!

I've chosen grey but I love helping my teenaged daughter colour her blonde hair red, my ten year old's hair blue (a temporary colour during the holidays) and I've dip dyed my 12 year old daughter's ultra long locks three different colours with a temporary colour which proved rather more long lasting then we expected!

 I've respected their choices and I'm happy to support them whilst respecting school rules.

Clairol has written an open letter to the grey haters which I am very happy to share here.

#faceyourfirst open letter

#faceyourfirst open letter

#faceyourfirst open letter

So no matter your gender or age, throw away the worry and choose what makes you happy in life and with your hair. I promises you, it's liberating.

Disclaimer: I attended an event in London hosted by Clairol but am not being paid to promote the brand or their products.


  1. I agree it is a personal choice, a close friend of mine let hers go fully grey and so many people tell her they are really wanting to give her a make-over, as she says it is their issue not hers, and she is so right. Just because they don't want to have grey hair doesn't mean she doesn't want to! I was never into dying my hair for fun or trends, I started self dying it a couple of years ago as being 42 now I have quite a few wanting to come out and play. I am not ready to love them yet. Although in saying that I probably dye it once every 4 months so I actually spend a good two months with them showing lol, I am just too lazy to be bothered with the process and don't want to spend the expense of the hairdresser. Being Authentic is all that matters, when we are happy with who we are, then our kids are happier and more confident too. Thanks heaps for sharing this with us for #Ablogginggoodtime linky

    1. I'd be horrified if anyone told me they wanted to give me a makeover just because of my hair colour! I have to say, laziness was a big part of me giving up the dye cycle! I got so fed up of the chore and the expense.

    2. I agree, I would be horrified too, it's so rude!

  2. So great to read this! I bought a pack of hair dye before finding out I was pregnant and decided not to use it. Since then, I've decided that I want to wear my greys with pride, they're part of me. I LOVE the Clairol message and I love your daughters dip dye too! #blogginggoodtime

    1. Pregnancy is a great time to reconsider your hair care routine as many people decided adding chemicals to their scalp might not be good idea. Go you with the greys!

  3. I've always dyed my hair anyway, so when I started seeing grey it wasn't so much as I wanted to cover them up, it was just my routine to colour. I found it much more distressing when my son started having grey hairs show! His Dad started going grey in his late 20s and is fully grey now.

    1. Absolutely it can be fun to colour even when there are no greys. That's the point - if it makes you happy to colour then go for it. I love helping my daughter choose her latest colours.

  4. I recently let the coloring grow out of my hair. I am thrilled with the results. To each his/her own!

    1. Hurrah for you - so glad you like the results. But to each their own is absolutely the truth.

  5. I am going gray gracefully. It is not too bad yet. I call it my wisdom sparkle! #ablogginggoodtime


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