Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes of Grindelwald #review

I was very lucky this week to be invited to a preview showing of Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes of Grindelwald. As a Harry Potter AND Fantastic Beasts fan this was an amazing opportunity - so did the film live up to the hype?
Fantastic Beasts; The Crimes of Grindelwald review

Well I don't want to spoil it for anyone so there will be no plot reveals here but let me tell you this much.


We saw it in 3D and I would highly recommend this option as the beasts and action scenes have definitely been filmed to be best viewed in 3D. It's like you are in the centre of the action - and there is plenty of action in this prequel sequel.

Madmumof7 and daughter with 3D glasses for Fantastic Beasts 2 showing

There are some shocks and surprises and some great plot twists which I certainly didn't see coming. You might cry. You will definitely laugh, although we found FB2 stuffed with more action than comedy compared to FB1.

Proper Potterheads will love the scenes at Hogwarts and picking out references from the original Harry Potter books and films. But even those who are "Meh!" about Potter will enjoy the distinctly grown up feel to this which can stand alone even if you have never read  any Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies. Although if you haven't, where have you been? Living under a rock?

If you haven't seen Fantastic Beasts 1 I would recommend watching it before going to see The Crimes of Grindelwald.

If there's a downside we felt that this movie felt a little like a information overload in preparation for future films. There are lots of unanswered questions and we came out wanting to immediately see Fantastic Beasts 3 to get those answers.

But slight plot quibbles aside Fantastic Beasts 2 is a fantastic movie. There's action, adventure, fantasy and comedy plus eye candy for all and Niffler babies. What more could you want?

Fantastic Beasts will be showing at cinemas across the country from Thursday November 16. It's rated 12A for the UK audience and in my opinion some more nervous and/or younger children may find the action scenes quite intense. Having said that I am taking my 12 year old daughter to see it but she's not a particularly nervous child.

Disclaimer: I received two ticket free for the purpose of this honest review.