5 Ways To Create A Stylish Bathroom On A Budget

One of the joys of staying in a luxury hotel is being able to relax in a beautiful bathroom. It can be a disappointment to come home to a dreary, perhaps even slightly mouldy bathroom where half empty shampoo bottles jostle against that ancient bottle of grim body lotion your Aunt Gert won on the raffle then gifted to you.

It's a shame because with a bit of thought and a small investment you can create your own oasis of calm in your own home. Here's five tips to help you create a stylish bathroom on a budget.

bathroom makeover on a budget
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  1. Treat yourself to new towels. It's always wonderful to see that tempting pile of soft white towels in a hotel and with supermarkets and home stores offering towels at affordable prices nowadays it doesn't cost much to replace frayed and threadbare or mismatched towels with a bale of beautiful fluffy matching ones. You don't need to go for white. Black, navy or grey look stylish in a white bathroom, or add a touch of colour to coordinate with accessories.
  2. Talking of accessories, banish those plastic bottles and treat yourself to some refillable containers for shampoo, body wash, bubble bath and body lotion. Your bathroom shelf will look instantly neater and a clutter free bathroom will make it easier for you to relax in the bath.
  3. Tidy up your tiling. You could attack less than gleaming tiles with a steam cleaner or chemicals or even better, could treat your tiled areas to a makeover. Bathroom tiles come in a variety of colours, sizes, shapes and textures nowadays so you don't have to stick to white squares. Not sure how to tile floors or walls? Check out YouTube for lots of easy to follow guides or ask friends and neighbours for their recommendations on reliable and trustworthy traders.
  4. Fix those fixtures. It's easy to stop seeing that wonky towel rail or rusting mirrors. Maybe you still have that cheap plastic toilet roll holder you picked up as a standby while waiting to get a nicer one fixed to the wall. Make NOW the time to sort out those little bits and pieces which can lift your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. A good mirror will make even a small bathroom look bigger and well-fitted, matching fixtures help with that luxury feel. Don't forget the lighting too bright enough to be able to see to shave but not so you feel like a rabbit in headlights. You could add some battery powered T-lights in nice (non glass) holders around the bath for when you fancy a lounge in some bubbles.
  5. Bring in the experts. If you really don't have an eye for interior design or no talent for DIY it's probably better to bring in an expert who can help you create a stylish bathroom in line with your budget. If you decided you need professional consultation for revamping your bathroom you could visit Harrogate Bathrooms and leave the rest to them.
tile display
Pic credit: Harrogate Bathrooms
Just imagine how wonderful it would be to walk into a beautiful bathroom as nice as any hotel, and to not be embarrassed to point guests in the direction of the facilities. Take some time to create a space you would be proud for anyone to see.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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