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I've written RIP Dad when actually the lovely man we have just lost after a short battle with cancer was technically my step-dad. But to me he was Dad and to my children he was Grandad.

lace covered tea light holder

 He drove me to my uni interview, he taught me to drive, he walked me down the aisle, he cradled my newborn babies, he taught my eldest son to ride his get the picture.

He also encouraged my older boys to teach a pet bird to say "Beaky's a bugger" which resulted in one of my sons getting lines at school for using the B word in the playground. He taught my home counties born and bred children to use the Black Country phrase "Tara a bit" instead of goodbye. When I was a teenager he took delight in finding pubs with steak and sundae meal deals where we would encourage each other to over eat then I would drive him home, L plates firmly attached to a fabulous Ford Capri.

madmumof7 and family in taverna in Cyprus

When he moved to Cyprus with my mum he swapped the search for giant steaks to a hunt for enormous pork chops and we carried on our relaxed relationship which included food, drink and lots of chat.

Earlier this year we went up to a taverna in the village, shared a plate of chips and I drank cocktails while he watched football.  This picture is a rare snap of him on that evening - he wasn't a fan of having his photograph taken!

madmumof7 in Cyprus Taverna with her dad

I treasure one image in my mind of him at their village peanut festival when my oldest daughter was about 6. The festival went on late into the night and it proved too much for my daughter who fell asleep nestled up to Grandad who gently stroked her hair. Such love in a simple gesture.

I'm in Cyprus now supporting my mum and preparing for the funeral next Friday. It seems very strange being here without him but I'm glad my last memory of him was him on a sunny day tucking into fish and chips with a pint of Leon to wash it down with at one of his favourite beachside tavernas.

RIP Dad - so many people will miss you.


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