Happy New Year To You & Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Happy New Year All. Anyone else feel like they've skidded into 2019 slightly breathless and not quite believing another new year is here ALREADY?

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I feel a bit like you do when you go on those scary rides at theme parks. Let me explain.

2018 had periods of "normal" life which was a bit like being in the queue - partly exciting, sometimes boring, shuffling forward making some progress but no huge leaps. Some of the year was like a rollercoaster ride - moments of fear, some less than positive anticipation and some WTF am I doing moments. Some was exhilarating, exciting and life affirming with only a bit of nervous nausea thrown in. Sometimes I just had to shut my eyes and have faith it would all be OK.

New Years Eve felt a bit like the moments after those rides end. You are walking away from it, discussing the lows and the highs of the ride.  Looking back at 2018 feels similar to those post ride moments.

I lost my beloved stepdad. A most definite low. I've had ongoing health issues which have underpinned every day with pain. I've had some emotional trauma leaving me with panic attacks, depression and anxiety. As always, there have been financial worries.

But I saw one son graduate, demonstrating his academic and personal strength. I watched another grow into an actual adult, reversing our roles so he was taking charge and looking after me (with his amazing GF). I watched my other children battle with and largely conquer their own issues and through it all have luxuriated in the love our larger than life family shares.

Now on New Years Day, six years to the day from when I started this website, I feel like I've walked past the photograph displays in the theme park gift shop and am ready to walk back round to the ride entrance and prepare to do it all over again.

There will be fun and fear along the way I'm sure.

Who wants to join me?

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