Have a very Happy Meal with Pokémon at McDonald's.

The McDonald's Happy Meal has always been a popular treat in our family with part of the fun being the exploration of the latest toy or book inside the iconic box. As huge Pokémon fans imagine our excitement in discovering the latest set of Happy Meal toys is Pokémon themed!

Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonalds UK

From today (Thursday January 3) across the UK you can pick up one of eight Pokémon-themed packs with a McDonald's Happy Meal, including the new veggie option that’s now available.

Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonalds UK in packaging

Pokemon Happy Meal toy and card from McDonalds UK

If you can bear to break into the packages you will find that each character does something fun from flapping wings to shooting discs. One even squirts water!

Pokemon  figure from Happy Meal  McDonalds UK

Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonalds UK

My ten year old son had a fabulous time playing with them and I think these will be a long term favourite rather than a "play for the day and throw away" toy.

Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonalds UK

His older brother (23) and his friend were equally impressed. They are long time fans of Pokémon merchandise and they commented very favourably on the quality of the figures. They reckon these are going to prove very popular with Pokémon fans of all ages so head over to your nearest McDonald's and pick yours up before they disappear.

Pokemon Happy Meal toys from McDonalds UK

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I had wanted to know when I could pick these up.
    Keep up the good blogging.


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