How To Get Your Kids Active In The New Year

Do your kids prefer to sit at home playing video games or watching TV rather than getting outdoors? While technology has brought with it a lot of fantastic benefits, it’s also made our kids a lot more inactive than they used to be. 
Encouraging your kids to get more exercise today can prove to be a massive challenge. However, with so many different fun activities available, it really doesn’t have to be. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to get your kids active in the New Year. 
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BMX fun
The key to getting your kids more active is to make it fun. Therefore, what better way to encourage them to get out more than with a BMX bike? Worried your child may be a little too young for BMXing? You can pick up a mini BMX for young children to help them get involved. 
As well as generally riding around the garden or around the block, you could also set up little ramps to make it even more fun for your little one. 
Sign them up to a local sports group
Another great idea is to sign your kids up to local sports groups. Studies have shown that children who take part in sports such as gymnastics or tennis, go on to become healthier, more active adults. If you can find a sport or physical activity that your child is passionate about, they will be less likely to choose to spend their time on technology over being active. 

Make it a family activity
Your kids are more likely to stay active if they see you being active too. So, it can be a good idea to arrange a family activity day once each week. It could be going on a family walk together, playing a sport together or having a simple activity fun day in the garden. Make it a family commitment to get healthier and you’ll find your kids soon start to enjoy being more active. 
Limit technology
Finally, if you want to really get your kids less reliant upon technology and more active, it’s worth limiting the timethey spend using it. There should be a cut off point in the evening and a limit to how much TV and video games they can enjoy. Ideally, your kids should have no more than 1-2 hours screen time a day. They may kick up a fuss at first, but they’ll soon get used to the limited technology rule. 
river walk in the Cotswolds, Bourton on the Water

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can get your kids more active this year. The tips above are some of the best to try out and start encouraging your kids to spend less time on technology and more time outdoors. 

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