Mourning the Loss of Festive Food

OK. I'm calling it. Christmas is over. I've just eaten removed the last of the festive food from my home and although it's been a while since the tree and decorations came down, this really does feel final.

chocolate santas

To be fair, the festive food supply had been boosted by a late gift of Christmas cake and I have to say it was rather nice to enjoy a slice of iced fruit cake with my morning cuppa (and afternoon tea and evening beverage) and I will miss that. My waistline however will not.

I was that person still buying pigs in blankets well into January and we enjoyed livening up Sunday lunch with crackers but even I think it's time to back away from the Christmas stuff for a few months. (she says while looking longingly at that last box of crackers bought for a bargain 65p in a supermarket sale.)
roast goose

Actually, I tell a lie. There is still Christmas cheese in the fridge but since that's one food group I wouldn't touch with the proverbial barge pole, it can stay there until Easter for all I care. I won't be touching it.

Talking of Easter I see the first egg, bunny and chick chocolate goodies are already out on the shelves. I usually look forward to hot cross bun season but you seem to be able to get them all year round now anyway. It still feels wrong to eat them on any day but Good Friday though.

I wonder why buyers decided hot cross buns could be a year round treat but not mince pies? My mate loves mince pies but there is a definite season for them. Unless like me you keep a pack or two in the freezer to eat warm with custard at any time of year.

mince pies

Luckily my fave sprouts are still available although I'm alone in my adoration of the green balls of windiness. Some of my children will take one or two for their plate but my husband hates them. I quite fancied the recipe doing the rounds using shredded sprouts and bacon with pasta but he's banned me from even trying it. Shame.

Christmas is one of my favourite festivals and the first months of a new year can feel dull and anticlimactic. We try and avoid that by getting together with friends and passing the dark evenings with plenty of wine, winter warming food like pies and roasts and lots of laughter.

In the next few days I'm looking forward to homemade bread, a pheasant pie and experimenting with a variety of ingredients in my stove top smoker. The turkey may be gone but there are lots of lovely seasonal foods to enjoy.

So - which festive food item will you miss the most? 

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