New Year, New Start

I know it's already January 7 but today finally felt like a new year. I heard people starting cars early and for the first time in weeks my alarm went off at 7, ready to get my secondary aged children up for school.

My younger son still has one final day off before his school opens again tomorrow but no lie in for him because today we are helping our 23-year-old move into his first post-uni flat.

Thanks to the generosity of a kind friend  he will be living just down the road from us. On Saturday he passed his CBT (again) and has a shiny new bike to commute with. Exciting times for him. I will miss him but not the empty baked bean cans he tends to abandon in the kitchen.

We have lots to look forward to in 2019. My 50th birthday which we are celebrating with a weekend trip to Venice and probably a part if my friends get their way.  Another trip to Cyprus - we've booked 17 days this time, staying in a friend's home, and I cannot wait to spend so much of the summer holidays by the pool enjoying the sunshine.

There will probably be more removal work as my daughter hopes to start uni this year. I'm excited for her but sad that other of my fledglings will be leaving the nest.

Talking about leaving, we supposedly have BREXIT to navigate this year too. Hmmm. I'll keep my thoughts on that to myself I think.

There's some sadness with this new year too- in the last couple weeks we lost my step-dad and my uncle. It will be particularly hard to be in Cyprus without Grandad being there gleefully encouraging too much ice-cream consumption.

2019 marks the 6th year of my blog and I'm hoping for another successful year of growth and some more exciting opportunities. I'm also looking forward to meeting lots of new to me bloggers in my role as Communities Editor for Flea Ents.  I've already organised three social meet ups in some of our regions and hope this is a great way of strengthening our community, encouraging mutual support and starting and solidifying friendships. If you haven't joined a  Flea Ents regional Facebook group yet, do it now to join in the fun.

Finally I am hoping 2019 is the year I finally get to grips with my health. 2018 was a tough year but I finally got a diagnosis which seems to be accurate last week and treatment seems to be working (crosses everything!) so hopefully I'll be back to what passes as normal soon.

This little post seems to have a lot of "hopefullys" in it. But that's what a new year should be all about right? Hope.

Whatever your aims and goals are for 2019 I wish you luck, good health and happiness for the year ahead.

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